Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Walk Through the Meadows, part 2

Mayor Bloomberg's quote from his foreward for Guide to New York City Landmarks, Third Edition, 2003.

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Anonymous said...

The biggest problem for the NY State Pavilion always was: what can we use it for? For awhile after the Fair closed they used it as a roller skating rink. I think they may have held a concert or two there. But no practical purpose ever was found, so they just left it to rot. At this point it may be beyond help. It would cost so much to restore that it would provoke an outcry. And still the problem remains: what would you use it for?

Queens Crapper said...

These people had an interesting idea:

A Proposed Air & Space Museum for Flushing Meadows

Anonymous said...

The NYS Pavilion would cost 80 Million to restore & 40 Million to tear down. The City is waiting for it to be condemned - emergency status - so it can get the state to pay the bill.

This has been the plan since the 1970's. The building continues to pass inspections, with some "we tried to find a use" every 3 years. Then they wait..wait..wait call in mountain climbers to change the beacon lamp atop the 225 ft deck.

The city will only fix the NYSP if they have a tenant with $$ up front and a sure thing to make $$. The bastards that be just want to be BOTH landlords and create "sweet deals" for certain "friends."

There is a nasty Union corruption issue in that park. No tenant wants to shell out $80 million to be told they must hire 30 people @ $50 an hour to run it, clean it, take away garbage, run the elevators, cut the grass.
The people in charge of those unions are not the “Boyscouts” The last person to operate that building (the roller rink) was beaten with a bat and almost killed, his dog was hung from the bridge by the lake.

The City needs to clean up its corruption first and flush out the buddy system that’s been in place since the 1964 World Fair.

No politician wants to trade bag money for cement shoes that’s the problem; all involved are so dirty they stink like dirty diapers.

Shame on the Mayor for not bringing in the FBI and flushing them all down the toilet!

Anonymous said...

Good gosh the crack in the wall on that last photo shows far FAR more movement then July 2005. The ground below the wall is shifting. The building needs to be stabilized immediately or it won't last long. Estelle Cooper said the building is stable. Well it ISN'T ..somebody is outright lying !

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? There are thousands of uses for the pavilion. Here are a few: Cultural Center, Museum, Tourist Attraction, Restaurant, New York State Hall of Fame, Center for New York Inventions, Concerts, Gymnastic Center, an interesting Borough Hall, 9/11 Queens Memorial, just to name a few. Figure out what Queens needs and fill the void.

BTW: What "practical purpose" was found for the unisphere? It's a symbol for Queens just like the NY State Pavilion.

Anonymous said...

This is the Eiffel Tower of Queens. Like its Parisian and Coney Island counterparts, it was supposed to be temporary and condemend by city leaders. Fate had other plans, and it is still standing today, seen from many miles around.