Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What $720 million will get us

More of our tax dollars at work:

Take Me Out to the Mall Game

So will this stadium's revenue go toward fixing up Flushing Meadows, or is the plan to continue to use the grass as a parking lot on game days?

As a side note, the Voice is also declaring that the next Mickey Mantle plays in Queens:

Inheriting the Mantle

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Anonymous said...

Now don't tell me Crappy is a Yankee fan!

Anonymous said...

We will eventually get the Olympic venue that the late crooked Donald Manes wanted all those years back. The plan was never scrapped. City Fields (SheaStadium) is the first step.

Wait until Willow Lake gets used for Olympic boat racing plus a grand prix auto racing track etc. as Manes wanted.

The city never scraps a plan, they just wait for an oportune moment. In this case they had to wait about 25 years!

Remember folks, Manes also wanted to see Hunters Point developed. Behold.....Queens West finally came to fruition.....again about 25 years later!

Anonymous said...

Hey Crappy, Shea it ain't so. If you are a filthy Yankee fan, I'm outta here.

Anonymous said...

I have disagreed with Crapper and kept my mouth shut.

Don't start in on the Mets or you'll have hell to pay.

The Mets are the only thing in Queens that hasn't stunk as of lately.

Queens Crapper said...

Both Shea and Yankee Stadiums are turning out to cost the taxpayers a lot more than they were supposed to. That is the point of this post.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks, the original Shea Stadium was designed to be expandable to the east and , structurally, support the weight of an all weather dome!

This was planned (and stated in an old tele-news interview) by "master builder" Robert Moses, himself, in the 1960s!

So why are we spending so much money to build a completely new stadium instead of spending far less by altering the old building?

C'mon....we all know the answer for this boondoggle!