Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunnyside Sacrifices

Here's an eminent domain project in Queens that no one seems to be talking about:

In Another Yards, Eminent Domain Chugs Along

This article is about Sunnyside, but the photo is of a beautiful house on 65th Place in Woodside headed for the wrecking ball under the LIRR expansion plan.


Anonymous said...

I guess it seems that almost every elected official gets a wrecking ball in their kits, as one of their perks, so that they may more efficiently destroy their communities!

Anonymous said...

Demand that this Victorian era home acquire Landmark status. See how the city will react then. Stand up against eminent domain and fight for what's right for the citizens. This individual home is too appealing and historical to pass up. What a crime it would be!

Anonymous said...

How would Melinda Katz like her Tudor style home on Ingram St to be secured by eminent domain? Will she canoodle then with----------? (2 correct answers)

Anonymous said...

Considering what the "alley Katz" is allowing in her own Forest Hills neighborhood, maybe it's her intention to move upstate and run for the Assembly!

Is that what her commitee is raising funds for?

Anonymous said...

Rembmer, this project does not help the people from Queens, but the larger area.

Again, we are just in the background, those things important to us tokens to be negotiated by our politicians.

Maybe the press will take up or cause. You listening Bertrand?