Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Set Up For a Fall

The Daily News today has an excellent series of maps showing exactly where the subprime mortgage victims are likely to be:
Set Up For a Fall

"Since most people in foreclosure end up losing their homes, some of these worst affected neighborhoods are going to be devastated..."

Perhaps, but that's all the better for the developers.


Anonymous said...

It certainly looks like southeast Queens & Corona is going to take a big fall!

Aren't these the same areas that many quiet (behind the scenes) racists want to see cleared of people of color ?

How convenient of predatory sub-prime mortgage lenders to accomodate this plan.

Now let's watch which unscrupulous builders and rapacious developers will be buying up these foreclosed properties !

Anonymous said...

And Schumer never saw this coming? So, he's just too stupid to know when credit is given to the uncredit-worthy, there will be trouble?

Or, he's in bed with the developers?

Or, he's only a racist? Look at each Hispanic nominee and the Attorney General. Ask Schumer about the private, personal credit info he stole and used to defeat the US Senate candidacy of Maryland's Lt. Gov., Michael Steele.

Whaddya say Chuckie?

Anonymous said...

From this problem, to bombarding home owners with unrelenting pressure to sell, to the joke that passes for the building industry, the people of Queens are under attack from developers.

Who cares? No one seems to be doing anything more than the odd hand wringing, except our friend, Queens Crap.

Yea Crap. Keep up the good work.