Monday, March 26, 2007

Yuppie Baby Boom

Notice how the map accompanying this NY Times article shows that the median household income of Queens parents has been steadily middle class; percent change in median household income of people with children has seen modest increases in most Queens neighborhoods with a sharp decrease in northwestern Queens neighborhoods:

In Surge in Manhattan Toddlers, Rich White Families Lead Way

Compare to Manhattan, where rich folks seem to be having a lot more kids than the rest of the city. They'll soon be the only people who can afford to raise them.


Anonymous said...

Wait and see if some of those rich Manhattan yuppies lose their high 6 figure jobs. It's a volatile, competative and unstable market out there on the high end!

Will they still be able to send their kids to private schools, give them dancing lessons, afford a nanny.....or will they have to drop out of the fast lane and move back to Des Moines?

Meanwhile, slow and steady (middle class) Queens just might win the rat race in the end!

Anonymous said...

perhaps this is the same group of yuppie scum and suits that killed the East Villiage scene who now pushing Bloonberg admin to "wack" the San Gennaro fest.

KRM said...

You're forgetting that the slow and steady middle class in queens is starting to have a harder time keeping up with the skyrocketing price of rent, taxes and mortgage interest rates...

Anonymous said...

I'm not forgetting, KRM. We're still all getting screwed and I wonder if I'll be able to keep my home on my retiree's fixed income!

It's a hell of a lot worse than paying quadruple (or more) real estate taxes for the same Queens home if it were located on Long Island.....say in Nassau County!

My $2,400 real estate tax bill would be about $15,000 in Rockville Center, for example!

I don't like it but I'm considering setting up a not for profit organization (I have already consulted with my lawyer) to which I will donate my home and live in it tax free for the duration of my natural life!

I haven't decided on any of my options yet. It's sad to even have to think of them!

Welcome to the American Nightmare! Our dreams seem to be vanishing! Maybe I'll sell my home and move to a more civilized country!