Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jamaica Rezoning Hits the Sun

Issues such as parking and crowded schools already are problems within the district, and they would be exacerbated by the new zoning, state Senator Frank Padavan, a Republican of Queens, said. "They should be looking for ways to decrease density," he said of the area around Hillside Avenue. "There's no more space."

Jamaica Rezoning Proposal Is Drawing Fire in Queens

Amanda Burden weighed in, too: "There have been long-standing issues that the Jamaica community has had with water, sewer, traffic, and this is a tremendous opportunity to get these issues addressed," she said.

Why do we need to upzone in order to address these things? Shouldn't they be addressed first?

From the Queens Chronicle: Jamaica Rezone Gets Community Board's OK

AirTrain Blues: New Plan May Shutter Local Shops

From the Times Ledger: CB 12 backs Jamaica transport plans

I wonder how the Queen feels about this plan. More people in Jamaica will mean less room on the E & F trains for her Forest Hills subjects.


Anonymous said...

Edith Thomas, a resident of South Jamaica, started the public comment phase by lashing into community board members.
“They have co-opted people here to vote for them,” Thomas accused, saying that the board members “will sell you out.”

Surprise Surprise. The original idea of the community boards have been coopted for quite some time by the clubhouse.

Time to abolish them and start over. All they do is provide the veneer of community involvment in a process that is controlled by the bosses.

Anonymous said...

I love the phrase "veneer of community involvement"!

Community boards have been bogus for years!

Scrap 'em! All they do is eat up money! I understand district managers earn about $90,000 a year! Is that right?

Think of what a community can do with that money.