Friday, March 23, 2007

CEO of NYHS needs new glasses

A letter to the editor of the Queens Courier from Marilyn Hoyt:

"Flushing Meadows-Corona Park has never looked better than it will this spring as the investments of recent years continue."

Future of Queens is rising!

Yes, the sleeping giant of Queens is finally rising. And it won't be pretty when he wakes up.


Anonymous said...

More political "bullstuff" !

The Hall of Science addition and restored new Rocket park (2 rockets and a mockup kiddie capsule) has been open 2 years already. Great Hall is still empty with the exception of some grip gear and closet of audio amplifiers (Crowns to be exact).
She's so full of it, doesnt know anything about her own building!!!
I was at both the Rocket Park and the new wing opening 2 years ago (sitting right next to Walter Cronkite)SHE WAS NO WHERE IN SIGHT nor is qualified to color Easter Eggs !!!

georgetheatheist said...

As da Old Timers yoused ta say:

"Hurt Hoyt"

Anonymous said...

But this is Queens!!!

Turn to the newspapers! Listen to the politicians!

We are surrounded by poppies poppies poppies poppies ....

Anonymous said...

Why, after so many years of intentional neglect, are we now to believe one more bloviated promise that "Just you wait! Now, things will start getting better."

Yeah! And the corruption will end. The Parks officials will now stop taking money from all the consultants, contractors, and all who stand to gain from the deterioration.

Where has the $70Million Dollars in private funding gone? Who has the money, Bloomberg? Did you take some?

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Hoyt, President and CEO of the New York Hall of Science, is towing the company line. Should we expect the truth from the likes of her? No way. She was asked to write that garbage to somehow put a positive spin on the horrendous conditions inside Flushing Meadow Park. Remember the other genius who tried that route a few weeks ago? Can you say LEW-AND-DOW-SKI?

Anonymous said...

Things have been totally miserable in the boro since the Queen moved her throne from the Bronx. If you think Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is bad you should feel the tensions inside the Overlook. We read that MISS MANAGEMENT as some of us call her, got her job by kissing up to the Arsenal gatekeepers while better qualified people were told to take a hike. Counting the days until I'm outta there. PRAY FOR ME.

Anonymous said...

And what is her yearly salary?

Somebody at the other end of the park gets (we heard) in excess of $85,000!!!!!