Saturday, March 31, 2007

House of the Rising Cell

One benefit of living in this crap tower at 111-88 43rd Avenue in Corona is that you'll probably never drop a call.

This monster completely dwarfs the tasteful 1 and 2 family homes that line the rest of the block. As if cramming all those people into the building isn't enough, the owner has probably generated some nice extra cash by lining the entire roof line with cell phone towers. Can you hear me now?

DOB records indicate that residents have been complaining about the elevator being out of service since 2005. There are 6 floors in the building and 20+ units. That's better than a stairmaster!


Anonymous said...

The fingerprints of Mickeljohn style all over this.

Remember the damage she is doing to Sunnyside?

Remember how she helped egg on the folks on Dutch Kills to UPZONE and bulldoze their neighborhood?

Well, guess what school was commissioned to do a study of what neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

So what happened to all those newspapers a few years ago about cell towers?

Oh I see, the clubhouse thinks everyone in Queens has the memory of a butterfly. Don't think we remember what we had for lunch last Wednesday, eh?

verdi said...

Leggo Block construction!

A prison without cells but cell towers instead!

Isn't this close to the #7 elevated line? What "klass"!