Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Korean War Memorial debate rages on

The debate continues over a war memorial in Flushing's Kissena Park:

“Many people in the Parks forestry offices struggle every day to protect trees, (but) when it comes to capital division projects, they are told to shut up and stay out of it.”

Arborist and Flushing resident Carsten Glaeser documented 89 trees he said were damaged during the Kissena Lake restoration project in 2005.

Even Johnny Liu has injected himself into the controversy:

For a War Rarely Honored, a Disputed Memorial

“That just doesn’t make sense — a grass that’s more conducive to people or animals urinating,” [John Liu] said. “I don’t know of any grasses that have more of a diuretic effect than others.”

QC agrees, John, your quote just doesn't make sense.

Parks Defends Memorial’s Tree Plan


Anonymous said...

John Liu holds a purely "decorative" political position! He says little and does little that makes any sense half of the time!

The Asian community often calls him "Mr. Show Business" behind his back!

Don't worry Johnny, you just sit there and warm the bench .

The Queens Democratic Machine will tell you what your next move shoud be. After all, you're their "finger puppet" (not even enough class to be a marionette)!

And if Liu has to take a "bathroom break" ....why he could just lift his leg and urinate against the trunk of one of those trees in the Kissena Park historic grove!

He's used to pissing on our community!

georgetheatheist said...

"John" = "John"
"Liu" = "Loo"

Anonymous said...

By George, that's good!

But you forgot "flush," as in Flushing, (Liu's district) to make the statement complete!

How appropriate! A "tripple-shit" identity for the councilman!