Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let's play a game...part 1

64-15 102 Street

One of these things doesn't belong here
The rest of these things look kind of the same
Can you guess which one just doesn't belong here
Guess before my song is done...
And now my song is done.

So let's see...we have:
- A 1940s rowhouse where the garage was replaced with a dwelling unit
- Cars parked on the space in front of the ground floor apartment
- The front of the building built out further than its neighbors
- The contiguous roofline altered
- The hideous balcony/ballustrade and stuccoed facade.
- A slew of violations
- A self-certified job

All the makings of a piece of Queens Crap!

Photo courtesy of mazeartist
Ditty courtesy of Sesame Street


Anonymous said...

This is located on the border of Forest Hills/Rego Park, since the streets overlap at that point.

How can the neighbors allow this Mcmansion style eyesore on a block of 1940's rowhouses? This is a perfect example of how to kill a harmonious neighborhood. What does Katz & the DOB really give a damn?!? WAKE UP!

Many of us would love to see this extension chiseled off on the basis of its hideous and illegal aspects. A wise approach would be a law that encourages that. Let's consult with Tony Avella, the only politician who works with constituents (speaking on behalf of myself and other preservation friends and neighbors) and knows the importance of rezoning and landmarking to preserve character and combat overdevelopment.

Anonymous said...

To Resident:

You're being ridiculed for your shameful tactics, and without a doubt, suspicions and controversy will continue to rise.

- A Queens citizen with a heart

verdi said...

I'm getting sick of those phony corner "qoin" architectural details in a feeble attempt to add "class" to a building!

Is the facade finished in a skim coat of plastic "Euro- Stucco"?

That stuff just doesn't hold up in a temperate climate such as ours. (The homeowner will shortly discover this, regretably, at his expense)!

Anonymous said...

The thing I just admire is how long our 'leadership' in Queens can remain aloof to all this?

Every example, every day, adds another millimeter to the gap between them and the rest of Queens.

Someday, when they wake up, they may find themselves adrift, alone, somewhere in the deep blue sea.

Anonymous said...

Being in the middle of the block, the owners were in a quandry as to how to put those nasty ass corners on. In a ahh haa moment they decided that they needed to build that bad boy out a few feet. Now they have that poor excuse for an architectural detail, and it juts out for the whole block to see.