Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kings of Compassion

No one can claim that Bloomie doesn't understand the problems of the common folk:

Mike points finger of blame at borrowers too

There's nothing quite like being victimized by a scam artist and then being told it's your own fault by the people who were supposed to protect you from that scam artist.

Meanwhile, Dan Doctoroff is preparing to unveil the mayor's 2030 plan:

Doctoroff's Healthy Fear

"The fear is that we're going to see growth that the infrastructure and the environment can't sustain. Quality of life deteriorating, and then just as happened in the '70s, you'll begin to see the decline. That's what our real concern is."

Guess what, Danny boy? That's happening right now, right here in Queens.

Hey how about this for ducking a direct question?

Have cancer? Who cares? Dr. Frieden has refused to investigate citizen concerns about a cluster of Polycythemia Vera in Queens. However, banning fat and unleashing dogs are big priorities for him.


Anonymous said...

Gee, what visionaries! A kid could have seen what's coming!

Fasten your seat belts, and I hope that everyone is invested in sound equities for their retirement years.

Wait until NYC's rating hits the skidds, as it did in the 70s.

The stock market has already indicated oncoming woes!

Add to this, slow moving housing stock, a slow down in housing starts....soon mortgage money is going to dry up to a trickle!

Yeah, this might be just the begining of a financial"doom's day" scenario for the city!

Anonymous said...

So, Doctoroff says you can't sell fear? Then, what the hell is he selling with "Global Warming"? Danny, not everyone is as ignorant as those with their snouts in the trough!

As for "Little People" Bloomberg: When was the last conversation he ever had with a person on an hourly wage? "Conversation" is the key word.

Does Bloomberg loathe minorities as much as Schumer? Neither of this pair saw the sub-prime trouble looming? Neither one wanted to step up and prevent the coming disaster?

This crisis is a developer's dream come true. Cheap land, ethnic cleansing, substandard development.

And plenty of corrupt money to spread around to elected and appointed officials and then to the municipal employees!

And New Yorkers though a super wealthy man couldn't be corrupt!

Now it's time to pay the tab.

Anonymous said...

It was all a racist plot right from the begining.....clearing minority neighborhoods for the wealthy!

How conveient to provide a legal land grab opportunity through the foreclosure process!

Anonymous said...

what a pig for a mayor we have. I gotta get outta here.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg is a whining turtle-like creature that has the heart of a snake and an ego like Donald Trump, with even less personality. Where's Ross Piro when you need him?

Anonymous said...