Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Port Chester eminent domain update

Here is an update on the Westchester eminent domain case previously featured here on Queens Crap:

Port Chester Man's Challenge To Eminent Domain in Court Today

Previous posts on QC:

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Anonymous said...

Two issues at hand that highlight just how corrupt NYC's local boards are.

1. The fact that the property was condemned under the terminology "redevelopment". I do not believe that turning the said land into a Stop and Shop parking lot to be a redevelopment, especially since businesses were dislocated for the betterment of the one.

2. The fact that Mr. Brody had to attain legal services from a group in Virginia is pretty sad. I am guessing that nobody in NY wanted to fight against the system, especially since many of the lawyers are tied into the corrupt system. Just ask yourself how many of your representatives were lawyers.


Anonymous said...

We need to get rid of appointed community boards or else elect them and give them more than advisory power!

They do little except give people a false sense of gov't participation and eat up money to pay fat salaries for many incompetent district managers and some lazy staff!