Monday, March 19, 2007

Liu to Western Queens: Go Suck on Truck Fumes!

The NY Sun has an article about truck routes in NYC and how the city is mishandling the problem:

Study Says City's Truck Routes ‘No Longer Make Sense'

Mr. Liu also blames Mayor Bloomberg for holding up the construction of a cross-harbor freight tunnel...The proposed tunnel would connect New Jersey to Long Island and bring freight beneath the New York Harbor, thus moving it off the crowded city streets. However, the tunnel has yet to move past the planning stages.

"Mayor Bloomberg supported it until one of his base neighborhoods in Queens didn't. He did an about-face as his election came near," Mr. Liu said.

So Johnny is fighting for Manhattanites to breathe cleaner air and experience less traffic while western Queens would get more trucks, pollution and gridlock. It explains the Manhattan fundraiser last week.

Just FYI for Johnny: Five Queens neighborhoods along with several in Brooklyn oppose the Cross Harbor plan. Just ask your council cohorts Simcha and Dennis...


Anonymous said...

Johnny, I thought you were smarter than this. Plans that take truck pollition from your back yard and throw it in somebody else's aren't solutions. Not what I'd expect from someone who so obviously aspires to win a higher office.

How about we re-design cross harbor so that the main truck terminal is in Flushing - then see what Johnny has to say about it.

Anonymous said...

John Liu doesn't have a CLUE.

hooper said...

No, but sadly, he's got a huge pile of cash for his next run for state senate, boro prez, whatever.

Ask yourself: Do you want all of Queens to look like Flushing? Do you want Western Queens to become a gigantic truck parking lot to make life better in the rest of Queens and beyond?

If so, then John Liu is certainly your man.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed.....Liu has a growing male pattern bald spot on the back of his head.....and the front of his hairline seems to be thinning out rapidly.

That comes from using his "brain" working overtime figuring out new ways to screw the residents of Queens!

He's so jealous of the remaining beaucolic beauty of some of its neighborhoods that he plans to turn them into the shit-hole overcrowded filthy appearance of his native Flushing!

georgetheatheist said...

A little dab'll do ya.
You'll look so debonair.
Developers will pursue ya.
Simply rub a little
In your hair!"

Anonymous said...

John's aim is to F....Liu....shing-ize Western Queens!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Liu; Aren't election campaigns terrific? They help focus a candidate's mind on what the taxpaying voters want. Elections are not the opportunity for the likes of you to jam moronic ideas down the taxpayers' throats.

So Bloomberg "saw the light" and opposed the "Tunnel to Save Manhattan" during his campaign?

And, according to you, Liu, that's somehow wrong?

Now that you've announced you're all for killing Queens to save Manhattan, watch your numbers go into the crapper. The Queens Crapper, at that!

Anonymous said...

I love how his father's antics in that bank dropped from sight.

Repeat that every chance you get boys!

A part time legislator and a full time campaign fund raiser.

Hmmm. I wonder where all that money comes from?

Anonymous said...

If Liu's campaign money comes from Taiwan (laundered through real estate deals????? from his Tommy Huang????? relative????) that's illegal?

Foreign nationals cannot contribute money to US candidates!

Was Johnny's daddy convict Joseph Liu (Great Eastern Bank) some sort of go-between for money laundering??? Is that being kept "under wraps"?????

Is the Great Eastern Bank owned by Tommy Huang's father in law?

Is Alice Liu Huang related to John Liu?

These are questions that need to be answered!