Friday, March 30, 2007

Coney Island mermaids battle developer

Coney Island certainly has a unique character all its own, and the people who live and work there want to keep it that way.

Thor v. the mermaids

Fight to preserve Coney Island spirit

Rally against Coney Island condos


Photo from Forgotten NY.


Anonymous said...

Wow! People actually PROTESTING against development, and not afraid of what the politicians will say about them?

Anonymous said...

Or even more pathetic, when they say 'you can't stop development and if you protest, they will not work with you.'

Sure. You will get the chance to select the color of the door.


Anonymous said...

Why are the people from Queens so passive and difficult to organize?

Perhaps no one has ever made an effort to show them the realm of possibilities.

Anonymous said...

People in Queens are forever being told "not to make any waves". You gotta work with your officials within the system. Bah! Look at what it's gotten them fo 30 years!

Coney Island folks live on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. They can witness the power that a wave can make!

Sometimes I'm ashamed of my fellow Queensites.

Wake up! Put some brandy in your morning cofffee!