Saturday, March 24, 2007

Simonson Says Crap

Ah yes, we come to another space in Elmhurst inundated with Queens Crap. Cute little pastel colored homes in a row, in the shadow of an ugly mamajama brick behemoth. Take a gander at the complaints and violations on this baby. They run the whole gamut of illegal building.
This piece of crap comes to Queens courtesy of the infamous Huang family. How they continue to get away with violating building and zoning codes is beyond anyone's guess. Perhaps those little red envelopes that get passed around Chinese New Year made their way into the DOB inspectors' pockets.


Anonymous said...

Where's the parking for these units?

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be any designated parking areas for this eyesore. My assumption is on the sidewalk, or even better, crammed onto the already rusty terraces with all the other junk as a cover up. Huang should be barred permanently from developing in the Big Apple. He's only worth rotten tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

Someone should have shot Tommy's balls off years ago..... now it's too late - he has two sons to complete the mission of destroying neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Interesting when you read the DOB's response to the complaint that the 4 story building that's being constructed under a permit that only allows a 3 story building:


Look at the photo. Is that a 3 or 4 story structure?

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang is allowed to get away with this crap - he brags about being related to a NYC Council Member.

Anonymous said...

The only way to get rid of Tommy is to link him with the clubhouse time and time again.

If they can't get rid of him or do anything about him (for reasons unknown) we can get a hell of a lot of mileage.

KRM said...

I wonder what Tommy's house looks like? Anybody knows where he lives?

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang lives on the outskirts of Douglas Manor near the swamp. He was known by residents in the mid eighties as the "Swamp Thing"!

Ther are (supposedly) 2 similar houses, both butt ugly as Tommy's soul. Tommy and his spawn live in one....the other one (we believe) was built for Kwo Lang Wei ???? one of his architects that , we believe????did jail time!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ackerman took a few of those "red envelopes".

Why not ask Allan Gershuny who worked for both Manes and Ackerman?

Info has it both these politicos were so far up Huang's ass, they coud have claimed proctologists licenses!

Anonymous said...

Some prominent members of the Chinese community alleged, years ago (to a top official's office), that John Liu is related to Tommy Huang .

But when asked if they would go public with that info they declined!

Is it true that they're related?

It would be great if someone would come foward on this!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean Alice (Liu) Huang (Tommy's wife) and John Liu are directly related?

Where does that leave John Liu's felon father, Joseph Liu?

Is Joe "the crook" Liu..... Tommy Huang's father-in-law?

Anonymous said...

Did Joseph Liu's Great Eastern Bank have any connection with Tommy Huang's projects?

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's been enough pussy-footing around the possible Liu & Huang connection on this blog site for quite a while.

Both the names "Huang" & "Liu" are as common as Smith & Jones.

If somebody can actually come up with some proof, then we could have the FBI, ICE or Homeland Security interested.

You know what...maybe full proof ain't necessary. "Drop a dime" on them and let the authorities find the proof. That's what the Patriot Act is for....let it work in your favor!

Here's a start....look up the "Golden Venture" human smuggling incident

That might finally sink their ship!