Saturday, March 31, 2007

Con Ed defended in city report

What will Gioia, Gianaris and Vallone complain about now?

City defends Con Ed in new study

City Report Defends Con Ed for Key Choice in Blackout

Maybe when the overdevelopment they promote causes another blackout, they'll pounce on Con Ed again.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Bloomberg’s role in this. He demands that NY remain a "sanctuary" city.

Who can count, measure and plan for anything when the basic data is unknown - and deliberately kept unknown?

Invite and protect lawbreakers and you get _______, I'll be damned! Lawbreakers.

Anonymous said...

It is so funny, even in the community no one believes Eric, Peter, and Michael on this one.

All winter the trucks were running around patching stuff.

Everyone expects the same thing to happen again this summer.

Anonymous said...

Rate hikes for the entire city? Community Board 1 in Queens should be thrown out and new people to replace them.

I do not know any community board that so mistreats its residencts (I know, its their problem if they don't complain) but also is a testing grown for all sorts of urban development ills (which is now a problem of me and people in my community.)

I invite the posters on this board to watch that community board carefully and comment when they start up to their old tricks.

Those jerks are hitting both the pocket book and the quality of life for you and me and everyone else in this city.

Anonymous said...

The "Con" belongs to "Junior" Vallone (not Edison) for his "electrifying" performance in lying to his constituents about what was really responsible for the Astoria blackout.....OVERDEVELOPMENT!

Isn't it time the Vallone Dynasty got kicked out of office? They've been running their district like a fiefdom since (daddy or grandaddy Judge Charles) bough them their office!