Friday, March 30, 2007

Tides of change

Today's AM-NY takes a look at the New Life Pouring Into the Waterfront. The series starts with a focus on Manhattan and Brooklyn projects. LIC will be featured on Monday.

Here's a slideshow and an interactive map. Below is their full-color centerfold:

In the meantime, the Daily News reports that something smells fishy along the East River in Brooklyn:

$70M asked without any pier review.


Anonymous said...

How irresponsible! Send out developers' press releases as already established fact.

No mention that this is a flood plain that makes NY a future New Orleans.

No mention the lack of infrastructure to support this development.

Journalism that ranks right up there with breathlessly reporting on bumper wheat harvests in the Ukraine (while the rest of the Soviet Union starved in the 1930s) and great Japanese victories in the Pacific (while Tokyo burned during the war in the 1940s.)

The first important step:
we have both established that these are not only examples of irresponsible reporting in the press, but that this 'news' bears little to foundation on a reality that benefits the people on NY.

The next important step:
to devise ways to stop this crap in its tracks and get the word out to the public so they begin pushing the city in a direction that benefits them, not developers, politicians and the media.

Crap is a good solid step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

If you want a fishy smell, come to Flushing.....and we're not talking about the fish heads that clog up the street sewers !

John Liu is the "king fish" followed by that big mouthed Bass Toby Stavisky!!