Thursday, March 29, 2007

Crappifying Jamaica Estates

Slightly more affordable, diverse, and accessible than Forest Hills Gardens, Jamaica Estates breaks the boring Queens street grid with gently curving streets that follow topographical contours.
The crappy structure on the left boasts exposed water meters, and three parked cars on its property. At least the tree was spared from becoming another parking spot
For now, most homeowners in Jamaica Estates care about their homes. Most lawns remain unpaved and unfenced. Most trees remain untouched.
Some streets don't even have sidewalks! It feels like being on the edge of a city.
You be the judge - is this home an example of Queens or crap? Water meters and wires are not exposed; the lawn is green; the height is the same as its neighbors. On the other hand, the pink color makes the home look like a life-size dollhouse. - by mazeartist


Anonymous said...

Yeecch! Pepto Bismol pink! Arriba Carribea!

Anonymous said...

You should see Jamaica Hills it is being filled with crap, i'll take some pictures soon.

Anonymous said...

The preservation community is lukewarm on any grassroots efforts to preserve the Estates mumbling something like 'landmarking is not a practice to exclude people.' (Not bad for a clique that is systematically sanitizing all the ethnic areas of their Manhattan.)

Translation: they have recieved signals that this area is to be open to Persian palaces and other objects of immigrant imagination.

Reminds us of their lukewarm support for Richmond Hill, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

This is truly absurd. How do these people manage to get the variances needed to build these monstrosities?!?!? It seems like, with a click of the button, they can print offline any variance they need as long as they own the property! No inquiry necessary, no jumping though hoops, no bureaucratic red tape, none of those things that you expect from government! Explain to me why the government is so efficient at allowing people to destroy our communities, but when it comes to protesting against, say, Atlantic Yards or Tommy Huang, nothing gets done!!!

Anonymous said...'s money, money, the pockets of some (surprising) elected officials.

Bribes can move mountains!