Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bloomberg says...

"This city cannot build the schools, expand the libraries, fix the potholes and build big sports facilities at this time...Shea and Yankee Stadiums don't make any money for the city...If you counted the infrastructure for Shea and Yankee Stadiums, they are disasters for the city...We are only going to build stadiums if there's private money."

This was 2004, before his re-election. In 2007, all bets are off.

P.S. The Ratner mention is classic as well.


Anonymous said...

Well as city resources a being devoted to helping the developers we can understand how nothing is being left over.

Besides, if a developer shows up you can dangle city services that a community should have got in the first place (Ravenswood & Hunters Pt, you listening?)

Of course a fantastic supply of money can be had by aggressively going after illegal converstions, or building owners that allow grafitti on their buildings, but we do not want to discourage building now, do we?

Anonymous said...

I'm for building a new Roman Coliseum to throw the politicos in as Gladiators.

There they can fight each other in order to prove who will be best able to continue in political office!

If we have an imperial mayor we should have a worthy sports arena!

Baseball? Bah! We need blood sport!