Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Your tax dollars at work, continued

Comptroller William Thompson has made at least one asinine decision in his career:

Parks Dept. Pays $1,100 To Plant a Single Sapling

This man wants to be mayor.


Anonymous said...

There we go again. Except for a very few high-ranking Deputy Police Commissioners, who in the NYPD is paid anywhere near $55 per hour.

Oh yeah! I forgot the grave risks of tree planting: A sapling might fall and crush the planter (happens all the time), or the planter might fall into the tree hole and never be found!

Anonymous said...

Hell....give me those sapplings and lend me a shovel and I'll plant those trees at that price!

If this is what he does as comptoller, imagine what he'll do as mayor?

Sorry don't get my vote!

Anonymous said...

NY's nasty secret. It costs so much in this city to do anything because of all the moneys paid out to unions and social programs for tweeding purposes.

Cut taxes, starve this BS and let the hard working family head take home more money ... and make housing affordable for hundreds of thousands.

Anonymous said...

Comptroller William Thompson is another city official who has no talent, no skills and even less sense.