Monday, March 26, 2007

Chuck vs. lenders

The NY Post reports today that 91,000 New Yorkers, like the man profiled in this article, may lose their homes soon due to predatory lending practices:


It's nice that Senator Schumer is concerned about this, but why did he wait so long to do something about it? It's not like this practice and its consequences were a big secret. Do you ever wonder if politicians intentionally allow problems to fester so that they can appear as though they have ridden into town on a white horse and saved the day?


Anonymous said...

Like the problems with the workers at Ground Zero. Stood benignly around while they dashed into the pile, then stonewalled for years until it became impossible to stop hiding the scandal.

You know, if you couple the treatment of those unfortunate people, with the treatment of the service men and women in the armed forces, is anyone else besides me getting the feeling the our leadership takes all of us for contempt, just smirking in front of the cameras with a few sound bites, then off to career (and bank account) building?

While we are on the topic of smirking in front of the cameras, not even bothering to give the least pretense at being sincere anymore, how anyone can take someone with the last name Bush or Clinton seriously is beyond me.

KRM said...

Better late than never (?) It seems that preventing disease is not as glamorous as miraculously curing someone on their deathbed...

verdi said...

It's all part of the plan!

Let's see who buys up the homes that are foreclosed on at way below market rates!

Bankers and developers etc. maybe?

Anonymous said...

Screwed up our neighborhood with homeowners who could not afford their mortgages, overbuilt, rented apts in the basement, attic, porch and garage and STILL cannot foreclose after the lawns have been paved in, houses altered, and big brick fences with animals of every sort adorn them, taking away the ambiance and character of the whole area....and meanwhile...we who live in legal 1 familes are paying the same friggin taxes as those in one that they have crammed in 6 or 7 families...justice, america, blah!

Anonymous said...

Right on the money "ella"!

Their appetites were bigger than their bankrolls!

Now it's time for these owners who overbuilt and destroyed the character of the neighborhood to pay the piper!