Thursday, March 22, 2007

9 million people by 2030, eh?

New federal Census figures assert that New York City's population grew by a total of 587 people between 2005 and 2006, a number the Bloomberg administration says substantially underestimates the city's tremendous growth.

Size of the City Is Challenged by the Census

Late last year, the city released a report projecting that its population would grow by more than 1 million by 2030, bringing the city's total population to 9.1 million, with an increase of nearly 400,000 people expected between 2000 and 2010.

Mr. Bloomberg routinely cites the figures as justification for various large projects and infrastructure improvements, as the city needs to make room for an extra million people.

No, Bloomie, we need infrastructure inprovements for the people we have now...but with the number of illegal apartments and illegal immigrants that you have encouraged, no one has the foggiest notion of how many people actually live here. Now you can explain to the Feds why their numbers are off.

Chart from Gothamist


KRM said...

Totally agree with you crappy. The estimates are largely hinging on the booming illegal demographics, but I think that the census has to be underestimating. No reasonable person can believe that the city has only grown by 500 people in a years time. I think it's prudent for Mayor Bloomberg to plan for major improvements to existing infastructure, but in light of the chronic neglect of Queens and every other borough (besides Manhattan, of course) his intentions seems to be misplaced.

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily think that a number that shows us breaking even on population can't be true. I know more people who have moved out of the city over the last couple of years than people who have moved in. With city and state income taxes and exorbitant cost of living, it comes as no surprise. Rental units are being converted into condos because the dollar is weak compared to a lot of foreign currency and overseas investors are buying up units hoping to make a profit on them later on. The "demand" for housing is really not all the city makes it out to be; it's pretty hollow.

Anonymous said...

So, the percentage of people living in Manhattan has consistently been in decline while the populations of all 4 of the other boroughs has been rising. Yet Manhattan still gets the lion's share of the budget and services. How unfair.

Anonymous said...

They have no idea how many people live in Astoria, no idea. Even tried a 2004 mini-census. We gave up hope when they showed up six times to our building, but that is ok, the counters were diverse, clueless, but diverse.

My friends that work at Con Ed said one of the reasons it took the city and the utility so long to respond to the ememergency is that no one had the foggiest notion how many users were on the line.

They still don't, but according to Micheal and Peter and Eric we all know about Con Ed dividends and Con Ed adverstising campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Same playbook.

The building industry in California is in strong control out here. They have used THEIR population projections to justify backdoor upzoning all over the state. Our resources and infrastructer are not prepared.

Unfortunately the problem of population growth is real, but not the main cause of our housing bubble. The population growth problem is a huge ethical and national problem (

Check out for bubble info and to sample San Diego tribulations go to

Anonymous said...

We have to think about sustainable growth. If everyone on earth lived like Americans we would need three planets.

And they all want to move here!

For God's sake, that is madness.

And unless you aim to make money off this situation, building a city of nine million does everyone no good.

All it would do is increase our taxes to pay for the infrasturcture and increase out stress just to cope with it.

Zero Population Growth! Get used to it! You are going to see a lot more of those three words in the future!

Anonymous said...

I believe the USA uses up about 20% of the worlds that correct?

If so, we'd better get in line when the rest of the developing world wants theirs!

Anonymous said...

In 1961 Robert Moses "cooked the books" by implying similar "population booming" figures to push his up-zoning plans which would ensure overdevelopment!

It was a fraud then and is a fraud now!

We Queens residents are too smart to be fooled by the fact that the building industry (headed by our imperial mayor) is behind this biggest of lies.

Why, because it guarantees overbuilding for the future and provides the developers job continuity while they choke out our views of the skies!

Hey, you rapacious developers, this is the 21st Century and the people of Queens have already proven that we're not going to be fed your same old diet of horseshit anymore!