Saturday, March 24, 2007

A bump in the bike road

The Rockaway Beach Branch Greenway Committee asked CB6 last week if it would welcome a feasibility study for their proposal to convert the abandoned Rockaway Beach LIRR Branch into a bike path. They hit a bump in the road:

...the board did not vote on the project itself - just on a study to see whether having the greenway and bicycle path would be a good idea.

A greenway study divides CB 6 members

Board members opposing the study, worried the greenway — which runs adjacent to many homes in Rego Park — would bring more crime, litter and civil disturbances to the area. But members in favor of the study said a cleaner greenway would improve the quality of life for nearby residents.

Community Board Rejects Rails-To-Trails Proposal

"The Parks Department asked if we'd do a feasibility study," which requires community support, Sandke said. Meanwhile, CB 6 balked at the lack of support for the project from the Parks Department.

You gotta love it.

CB 6 scraps greenway plan for old LIRR line

"One concern I have is that there's not enough money to develop Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and the other parks we already have," said CB 6 member Barbara Stuchinski. She added that the current mayor has not welcomed new parks that require city funds.

That's not entirely true, Barbara. The mayor's unwelcoming attitude is only reserved for new parks in the borough of Queens.

"It's not really going to deter us," said Jordan Sandke, a greenway committee leader.

You go, boy!

Photo from Rockaway Beach Branch Greenway Committee


Anonymous said...

A lot different from how the High Line project in Manhattan was received.

Anonymous said...

Fire Cooper and Benepe and there will be plenty of money for the Parks Dept. to invest in the bike trail!