Friday, March 23, 2007

Ironing out Iron Triangle plans

The 75-acre swath of land is contaminated as a result of petroleum spills and illegal dumping and EDC believes the costly cleanup of the site must be completed as a single unit.

Shulman tapped to lead Willets Point group

Tom Angotti, a professor at Hunter College and the principal author of a land use study on the Willets Point area, disagreed.

"This notion that the city's plan is environmentally sound and is going to solve an environmental problem is salacious. You don't have to destroy an entire business district in order to clean it up," he said.

City Gets to the Point With Willets Redevelopment

Good thing CUNY has tenure, Tom.

In the meantime, Businesses Decry Plans For Willets Point

(By the way, the Claire Shulman award was given last night, right after Melinda warbled God Bless America...)

Photo from Queens Tribune


hooper said...

Well, don't keep us in suspense.. who won the CS award??

Anyone get some video of the queen of the litterbox singing?

Anonymous said...

Crap, Now they're taking "the Triangle" for hotels, I hear they are going to build them on pylons all the way out on to the creek.

This really HURTS !
Where am I going to get my cars worked on for under $90 an hour? Installed low mileage Transmissions for $200 !
.. Tow to Delaware ?

Anonymous said...

Shulman, again? Our generation's Robert Moses, she just keep coming back again and again everytime in a different incarnation. With the whiny voice and that self-satisfied smirk she is the icon of a whole generation's ills forced upon us. The darling of eastern Queens.

We actually did a mock-up of Queen Catherine with her face - it was a riot.(hint hint Crappie)

Anonymous said...

Shulman needs to be put out to pasture where that Bovine creature can chew her cud without interfering with Queens residents.

She was Manes' "girl" and now she's got a "golden parachute" (head of a Willets' Point corporate development mafia) instead of being indicted!

In my opininion , she was either so dumb (though not dumber than Marshal) or too crooked to not know what Donald Manes was up to when she was his Deputy Beep!

Anonymous said...

How come Rudy Giulianni (who prosecuted Donald Manes) never questioned his Deputy Beep Shulman which would have been standard operating proceedure?

Maybe Shulman was granted immunity for her part in the crooked Manes business by"rolling over" on her boss Donald.

Thus, she herself might have avoided public ridicule or maybe even a jail sentence.

She might have later rewarded Rudy with the pay back of endorsing him as a Republican candidate for mayor (as she actually did endorse him). An odd situational scenario, isn't it?

People of Queens...wake up....start eating more fish to increase your brain that you can truly distinguish the crooks from the saints!