Saturday, March 24, 2007

How they do things in China

Our friends at Atlantic Yards Report have a frightening analogy on their blog.

Here's how eminent domain is handled in a Communist country:

Pitted against the builder

Compare to what's going on in Brooklyn:

Coming demolitions mean "urban room" at crucial corner

Photo from Atlantic Yards Report.


Anonymous said...

Tribune's Best of Queens (and Brooklyn):

- Courts deemed it illegal to demolish two buildings Ratner illegally took possession of two decades ago.

- Ratner operated bulldozer few inches from resident.

- Resident escaped, but land remains barren to date.


Anonymous said...

Looks like an old Bugs Bunny cartoon, where they built freeways around Bugs' rabbit hole ... so all you see is a tall hole with a mail box on top.

Anonymous said...

It's not funny, it's frightening and sad.

Anonymous said...

Chinese junk!

And I don't mean the sailing variety!

Anonymous said...

Even though John Liu is Taiwanese and graduated from Bronx Science High School (whose father is a convicted crook).....he's probably favors this mainland China type business approach!

Clear and conquer!

"Golden Mall This" or "Golden Tower That"!

How about a "Golden Shower"? (That means pissing on your constituents)!