Saturday, March 17, 2007

City job opening

Hey there's a new opening at the Community Assistance Unit. Applicant must:

- not have a college degree
- not have qualifications
- have the desire to make more than $100,000/year
- want a job where no one knows what your role is
- like to drink and drive

If the above sounds like you, then there's a place for you in the Bloomberg administration! (Applicants with connections to city hall through mommy get first consideration.)

Mike aide nabbed in DWI

As per NY1, another "city official" was the one who called the cops!

Bloomberg Staff Member Busted For DWI

Cronyism at its best and worst at city hall.


Anonymous said...

At least most people who work for the City are trying to help other people and make the City a better place.

That's a lot better than most of the whiners and complainers who read this blog are doing.

Queens Crapper said...

Really? How do you know what the people who post on this blog do for a living or what volunteer work they do to make this city a better place?

Anonymous said...

I just think it's ridiculous of you to highlight one incident with one city worker and use that to characterize all city workers as unqualified and corrupt. Shame on you.

Queens Crapper said...

I didn't. I said for this position, you obviously needed no qualifications. I didn't say all city workers were unqualified and corrupt. I know a good grammar school tutor who will offer you reading comprehension lessons.

Anonymous said...

I can read just fine.

It's obvious that you didn't post this to say something about this one position. It's very apparent from this post and others on your blog that you were trying to make a general point about the Bloomberg Administration and city workers in general. If you can't admit this, fine. Maybe a good therapist can help you out.

Anonymous said...

This episode exposes the ugly arrogance of the Bloomberg Administration. Coffey telling a uniformed patrolman that he wouldn't turn off the engine and wouldn't get out of the car shows that he thought he would flash his ID and the officer would go away.

This disrespect for the NYPD in light of the recent shootings, stabbings and killings of uniformed officers give us a view to the inside of this administration. The disdainful disrespect takes us right smack inside the private moments of the mayor and his staff whose arrogance includes a Hillary-Clinton-like loathing of the men and women in uniform.

Look at some of Bloomberg's staff: Coffey, Matt Gorton, Benepe, Lewandowski, Doctoroff, all arrogant do-nothings - actually do-bads.

Matt Gorton cheated the youngsters from a civic organizations out of performing a great community service graffiti cleanup in Queens, without ever contacting the youngsters to proceed with the cleanup that would have been performed without any cost to the city. Instead, he arranged for the DOT crew to remove the graffiti - a crappy job at that.

Benepe and Lewandowski cannot manage a front lawn, much less a single park. Look at the Flushing Meadows Park deterioration of the Pavillion. Look at the crime in Flushing Meadows Park.

Then, look at the dogs that the Mayor, Benepe, Lewandowski and Tupper Thomas want to unleash onto the elderly and disabled who use our parks. This rabidly arrogant bunch don't care for the infants, children or teens who will be mauled by these dogs. They won't be hurt. They won't be in the parks. They will be at cocktail parties with their little "prettys" making jokes about what a dog-eat-people world we live in.

One park they will never visit is the park on the Saint Saviour's grounds. This same arrogant crowd is determined to let the "tow-truck-driving" residents of Maspeth, live without any improvements to their historical neighborhood.

Most of all, this drunk-driving incident exposes Bloomberg for the weak, incompetent, manager that he is. When you witness a miserably weak, incompetent staff, you are witnessing the mirror of the person in charge. A weak, incompetent manager will NEVER permit anyone to outshine that manager. Cardinal rule #1 of weak, incompetent managers: NEVER bring on anyone who is strong and competent.

So, if you apply for this new opening, come across as stupid.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have this one for a student.

What does he/she/it have to offer, once comprehension sets in?

The poster could probably get a good job in the Offense Manufacturing industry. The only qualification is superior sensitivity to anything possibly perceived as an offensive insult. (Insults are OK, just nothing offensive.)

Anonymous said...

I notice you didn't publish my last comment about you needing therapy.

Way to go to foster an open and honest discussion.

Queens Crapper said...

I just got back from being at the laundromat for an hour. Way to go for being an impatient asshole.

Anonymous said...

Commissioners and their assistants are political appointments. This post was about someone who was a political appointee and clearly didn't have the "right stuff"...clearly a case of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." It's obvious that's what the Crapper was trying to get across. Sanitation workers, cops, firemen, secretaries etc, are not political appointees. And they make a hell of a lot less than a CAU guy does.

Anonymous said...

I must be on to something if all you can do is call me names. If all of you people that are posting here complaining about city workers actually did something positive to help make the city a better place, maybe then I'd have some respect for you.

Queens Crapper said...

Onto something? No. I think maybe you're on something. It is St. Patrick's Day, after all.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Crapper want respect from an asshole?

Anonymous said...

Sticks and stones......

Anonymous said...

Was that poster crying when he took offense?

So sorry!

I didn't know the mayor hired crybabies. Else, I would have been much, much nicer.

I'll send a pink tissue.

Anonymous said...

How many people in government do you know with only a high school diploma can move up in just a few years to make $101,156 at the age of 27? Sorry, except for city council members.

This guy was the son of a well connected woman. That's how much respect Bloomberg has for the Community Assistance Unit. It's a dumping ground for cronies and it shows in their performance.

Anonymous said...

Sunnyside: I agree with your evaluation of the Mayor's Community Assistance Unit. One guy is less qualified than the next. Did you see Matthew Gordon's performance in Astoria this past summer? I did, the guy said all the wrong things. He actually made matters worse. This guy Christopher Coffey was his boss... Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the bloated boy is back.

Anonymous said...

When Rudy was mayor, Kathy Giulianni was the Community Assistance person for Northeast Flushing.

A little nepotism goes a long way.

By the way, she did a horses' ass job and cried like a baby anytime she was criticized for anything!

Just like some of you posters!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to have the medical plan and perks that some of these lazy city bureaucrats have along with their more than ample salaries and retirement packages!

Anonymous said...

Chris is an incredibly intelligent, hard-working young man. He WAS in college but was so well-regarded and passionate about his work for Bloomberg that he left to roll up his sleeves and help Mike. So, he made a mistake on a night of a big celebration where he drank a bit too much and the press got wind of it and tried to use it as a political did all of Bloomberg's enemies. Pretty silly.

What I can say honestly is that Chris is a good guy and has gotten to where he is by working hard and throwing his energy full-force into his jobs. I respect him, despite any one bad night he may have had. You all should not judge until you know the facts.