Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another overseas junket

Christine Quinn, her partner and 4 other council members marched in the Dublin St. Patrick's Day parade today:

City Council Speaker Marches in Dublin Parade

NYC's gay council leader to march in Dublin St. Patrick's parade

The Conference for American Ireland Relations will be footing the bill for the New York council trip to Ireland, according to Quinn's office.

Damn, how do I get someone to pay for me and a bunch of my friends to go on vacation?

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Anonymous said...

It would be nice if these overpaid city employees spent as much time at city hall as they do in foreign countries.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious you don't have any friends because you spent all day on Saturday updating your blog.

What's amazing is you've found a few other people to agree with your paranoia about overdevelopment, city officials, parks officials and anything else you can think of that is threatening your very existence.

It's too bad that all of the discussion here is aimed at about a 3rd grade level. Otherwise, there might be a chance for a real discussion without people calling each other asshole and moron. Enjoy playing in your sandbox, kids.

Queens Crapper said...

And it's obvious you have no friends because you spent all day posting anonymous comments on a blog you don't like. Bye. Have fun on Curbed.

Anonymous said...

Earth to anonymous guy:

If you don't like it, don't tune in.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous guy, sounds like you have an axe to grind. Queens Crap has become so popular that everyone in Queens is talking about it. DOES THAT BOTHER YOU? If you don't like the comments go back to watching TV, eating potato chips & drinking beer and leave the blogging to professionals. Argue the points please and stop attacking the bloggers personally. Also start using your real or blog name so people can ID you so they don't waste time answering you again.

What the hell are these council members doing parading around in Ireland anyway? Couldn't that travel money go to the poor?

Anonymous said...

Bloated guy is here too... wow!

georgetheatheist said...

Looks like Gioia ("the Doorman") between the two lovebirds?

Anonymous said...

Was the friendless anonymous poster weeping again?

Send the fellow(?) some pink tissues.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Bloated Guy Watch is On": Please let me handle this. I'm much more experienced at spotting the "Bloated Guy." BTW, my computer has a filter that detects hot air political ass wipes.

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous is a woman in politics whos days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

There were a whole bunch of Flushing politicos (was Ackerman, a CB#7 and local development group person????) that went on a junket to Taiwan!

What was their purpose (back in the early 80s, I believe)?

Was Tommmy Huang on the same trip?

Who paid for that one?

Is that why Flushing went to hell shortly after the trip?

Did foreign campaign contribution money, afterwards, flow into the local politico's coffers?

Anonymous said...

>>>junket to Taiwan!
Yeah I remember that "vacation"
Wasn't that to buy sodium lamp fixtures?

BTW I think reddish-pink glow of those lights make everything look cheap and run down at night.
These lights don’t save much electric because to the human eye (NOT A LIGHT METER) you need 2X as many to get the same candlepower (output)

Anonymous said...

Obviously the significance of Quinn and her partner being given the opportunity to march in a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Ireland is lost on the lot of you.

If that is Gioia in the picture there, well he on the other hand should have been here, muddling over whatever it is that’s got him on the fence about where he stands on designating Sunnyside Gardens.

Anonymous said...

So I'm looking at the photo, and Chrissy & partner are marching with signs that say NYC Council. They could have done the same thing in NYC's parade.

Anonymous said...

Joe....was that Taiwan "vacation" to inquire about sodium street lighting or to bring back sub-rosa illegal cash for running Queens Dem Club operations?

Did anyone "cook" Manton's books?