Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Preservationists Rallying Cry

The NY Times has run a piece on pending legislation in the council aimed at revoking existing building permits for calendared and designated properties:

Preservationists’ Rallying Cry

Cartoon from NY Times


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Usual BS that only would helps Manhattan and Brooklyn when they are at third base.

What about us in Queens where the bullies have the baseball?

We need something that if an application is sumbitted, say signed by 50 people, nothing can happen unless there is a public hearing.

Then that would stop both the newspapers and the preservation community from ignoring community grassroots groups in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how many people already saw this but I would definitely check out Tom Wolfe's New York Times Op-Ed from November.


Anonymous said...

A criminal developer like Tommy Huang cares little for stop work orders or revoked permits issued by DOB!

He'll abuse or destroy a landmarked (or calandered) building and pay his (minor) fines as a cost of doing business!

There needs to be a system of some serious performance bonds (placed in escrow accounts) by an owner of a calandered or landmarked property to insure his compliance with the law!

Anything else is just a fart in a windstorm!