Sunday, March 18, 2007

Crap Cluster

On this lovely Sunday morning we bring you a cluster of crap located in the quaint town of Middle Village near the southwestern corner of 60th Drive and 85th Street. 84-39 60th Drive, to be exact. Permits for this new building go back to 2000. Complaints and Violations go back to 2004.
Graffiti covers one side of the fence, and it looks as though it is old, worn and falling down because it has been concealing this construction site for 5 years.
Be careful when you walk by. You just may earn yourself a trip to nearby St. John's Hospital. (If some bricks fall on you, then probably, Elmhurst Hospital.)
Next door to the construction site is a recently completed piece of crap. Nice collection of complaints on this one as well, with typical lightning quick responses by the DOB.
Who wouldn't want to live in a basement apartment with bars on the windows? Oh wait, that isn't a basement apartment, it's for "accessory uses." ::wink::
The choice of the green see-through awning is an interesting one. No one can say the developer didn't at least try something "different." Kind of like putting lipstick on a bulldog.


Anonymous said...

For more than 7 brutal, ugly years, the "thing" inside the falling-down, graffitied, white plywood "fence" has been under on-again, off-again construction.

We neighbors are convinced that this is a practice site for the variety of whatever violations the DOB will take money to overlook.

The contractor wrecked a resident's parked car - after telling the resident that nothing would happen to his car - and then, and this will be a big surprise to most of you, denied having caused the damage.

This site is vivid proof that the police need the laws and power to not just shut down "construction" like this, but also to start arresting anyone on the property plus the owner.

Anonymous said...

I remember on one occasion, a neighbor telling the contractor that his big cement truck will not fit up the block. The contractor laughed, proceeded down 60th drive and took down all the power lines with him. This whole section of Middle Village, bordered by the LIE, is overdeveloped. Go up one block to 60th road and all the farm houses are gone. There are, in their place, no fewer than 40 3 and 4 family houses in the squeezed in 2 blocks bordered by the LIRR and 84th street. There are also 2 bigger buildings. Figure in that at least one car per family is parked on the street and you've got an easy 200 cars parked in a 6 block wide area.


Anonymous said...

1. What is the most important issue in Council District 30 you would address if elected?

Overdevelopment from both "big box" retail and large commercial intrusions into our residential communities is a major threat to our environmental & social stability. I will continue to fight to preserve the residential character of our neighborhoods. While there have been improvements in education, we must eliminate overcrowding and insure that our local principals, teachers & parents maintain control over the educational development of our children.

I will continue to fight for our fair share of police officers and state of the art police equipment to fight youth crime, vandalism & graffiti.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of the photos here, it seems he has done a stellar job.

Anonymous said...

If Gallagher ever gets convicted, I think he should serve his jail time in one of these "houses"!