Sunday, March 18, 2007

Big-rigs face big fines

Anyone who lives in the borough knows that commercial vehicles parking on the street at night is a big problem, as they illegally take up parking space that is in short supply. The NY Post reports that finally, someone on the City Council has proposed legislation to stiffen the penalties for doing so:


Thumbs up, councilman. Nice to see that someone out there is still concerned with quality-of-life issues that actually affect the common folk.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Bronx Councilman James Vacca, whose bill would increase safety and convenience throughout all the boroughs.

Now let's see how our own council members vote.

Anonymous said...

Haaaa does anobody expect Bloomie's puppet Ray Kelly to send a strict order enforce this ?

These politicians all need to be thrown out ...ALL OF THEM. Think of them as dirty diapers, once they are around to long they start to stink

It took me over an HOUR to go from Flushing and Knickerbocker to Grand Ave and 69th street the other day. Construction rigs were double parked everyplace.

I almost got sick in my car looking at what happened to my old neighborhoods Ridgewood and Maspeth.

UGLY blond brick junk with cars on the sidewalks, storefronts with steel gates were EVERY

Anonymous said...

Hey, why not use the big rigs as affordable Mike!