Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Renovate Queens Plaza

A Long Island City resident raises her voice about poor planning around the Gateway to Queens:

Renovate Queens Plaza

"A pedestrian must have a reason to cross the plaza. There is none right now. You can get a donut and a lap dance on both the north and south sides of the plaza. This is a menacing place."

Witness the insanity here: FNY on Queens Plaza

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KRM said...

It certainly is menacing and poorly planned. If you drive into the plaza not already familiar with it, then you will certainly make a mistake. Moreover it's an eyesore and makes a poor impression on people entering queens. Lastly, it hardly resembles a "plaza", it's more like a labyrinth.

Anonymous said...

Traveling towards the city, the north side of Queens Plaza does have architecturally and historically significant potential landmarks i.e. the prominent 1927 Bank of Manhattan clock tower, the recently restored Brewster Automobile Bldg (Met Life), & the Board of Education Building, amongst a few others. Rather than an overhaul that would decimate those buildings, I wholeheartedly support their restoration.

Anonymous said...

Hey, let's keep it confusing to all those yuppies who plan to invade Queens!