Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another scoop from the Katz litterbox

"The roofline on 66th Avenue looks like ugly teeth.
A block away, charming rowhouses await their likely demise.
The ugly side wall looks even uglier in the back!
The backyard ugliness makes the street facade look good.
The apartment backyard next to the new building is off-limits to its residents, used by the management to store garbage. The management charges tenants exorbitant rent and denies them use of the building's backyard.The architecture style here looks worse than a prison!"
This scoop from the Katz litterbox brought to you by mazeartist.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Mazeartist...but ugh, I smell some poop from the Katz litterbox. Hate to say it, but the day when she's out of office, that's when she'll stop leaving her paw prints on everything. Perhaps Forest Hills, Rego Park, and adjacent neighborhoods, won't be crapped upon anymore (if anything is remaining).

This intrusion on 66th Ave is a precedent for the death sentence of the neighborhood (for now at least). DOWNZONING is essential, but that's a pet peeve for Katz. Wonder why she's the Queen of Land Abuse!

I didn't know "Katz" have campaign contributions so massive, but don't forget to check out hers. She posts them online, but tells the public it's news to her, and then advises them to check em' out. Oh how sly! She's big & strong and overstuffed by the builders, hence their mcmansions and mega-crap condos, who feed her with lots of fuel.

Anonymous said...

This Katz needs some of that pet food going around.

Anonymous said...

Let us once again revisit the Ackerman clubhouse of a chuckle or two:

"Melinda Katz, District 29: Bright and hardworking, a skilled fundraiser with a solid start as Chair of the Land Use committee she is a force to contend with. Although young in appearance and years, her legal experience and decade and a half of public service and political smarts makes her a real serious contender. She’s got a future worth watching."

I wonder how many people take this garbage seriously. After being fed this drivel for years, Crap certainly has its work cut out for it.

BTW, why doesn't someone write to her office and about this human warehouse and lets see her response.

Anonymous said...

Now you've done it, mazeartist. You put together such a stunning collection of crap photos that Curbed linked to it. Now Soho, the Village, the Upper West Side and the other neighborhoods that Melinda truly represents will see just how she has shat upon where she dines!

Anonymous said...

You know, Queens is starting to look like the Bronx!

Anonymous said...

Interesting when Melinda was pandering to the Manhattan crowd last year (running for city council speaker) she bragged to the folks in Soho on how sensitive she was to new development fitting into the exisiting fabric.

Well, Manhattanites, those were words. Now see what she does to her own district.

Make sure that this woman never advances beyond that little rock that the clubhouse placed her. Just look around Queens. Do you want your neighborhood under her tender mercies too?

In time her constituents will get fed up too.

Anonymous said...

Time to stop wasting time on local downzoning. It will get overwhelmed by this garbage.

Time to downzone the whole borough!!

mazeartist said...

Thanks everyone.
In the near future, I shall document more examples of unused apartment backyards that are off-limits to tenants. If landlords are to charge exorbitant rents, they should at least allow the backyards and rooftops to be used by residents.

verdi said...

Gee, these structures look like the "self-clumping" variety!

Anonymous said...

Katz is a low class alley cat.

She doesn't clean her litter box and sleeps in the poop she creates!

After all,
she lives in Forest Hills in a small dark house in the middle of all that overbuilding crap she approves of!

No clean cat lives where they shit. They're very meticulous about that. She's abborant!