Friday, March 30, 2007

Whither Willets Point Redevelopment



April - Public scoping meeting for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Spring/Summer - Agency review of EIS Chapters

Summer - Launch Business Assistance and Workforce Program

Fall - Release Draft EIS and begin Uniformed Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP)


Spring - Complete ULURP Summer - Select Developer

Summer/Fall - Begin Acquisition Process


Begin Business Relocation

In the meantime:

Whither Willets Point redevelopment

Photos from Queens Courier


Anonymous said...

Wellington Chen's group is in the running as one of the 8 possible developers for the Willets Point job!

Is that why there was such a "puff piece" in the Flushing Times on Chen this week?

Whadda ya got to say for yourself, Scott Seiber? You wrote the article?

I guess you got your marching orders to kiss Wellington's ass from your boss!

Anonymous said...

Just like a dog leaves his mark on a fire hydrant, Wellington leaves his mark on Flushing! Chen's groups have at least two proposals for Willets Point. If that isn't illegal, it ought to be!

georgetheatheist said...

T. Huang is the night to W.Chen who is the daylight....Wellington Chen is the opposite archtype of Tommy Huang.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to mention, Scott Seiber now works for Assemblywoman Ellen Young!

This depthless "puff piece" was written some time back, I suppose (unless he's moonlighting)!

Anonymous said...

I re-read some of his stories from the Times-Ledger. Seems like Scotty is doing whatever he's told to do by Parkside. Spreading the "appropriate propaganda" for the Asian special interest groups and now working as Ellen's mouthpiece. What an ass-wipe! Like so many Times-Ledger reporters....

Anonymous said...

You notice how Wellington Chen couldn't even mention Tommy Huang's name (in that article) as the destroyer of the RKO Keith's)....maybe because (at the least) they're both fellow countrymen from Taiwan!

Was he merely ashamed, or is there a tighter connection between Huang & Chen that goes way back to the 70s?

Someone heard Chen refer to Flushing (1970s) as "....being ripe for the taking....".

What do you supposed that meant?

Anonymous said...

Wellington Chen seems to be always suggesting that HE was the savior of the RKO Keith's!

I was present (along with others) at those early community board hearings (during the Manes era).

He was certainly fair minded, when (now-famed historian) Barry Lewis & Co. presented their slide show at CB#7, extolling the virtues of the Keith's for landmarking.

But, to be accurate, Chen hardly did the lion's share of the work getting the theater landmarked.

The Committee did that many resent him inflating his participation in the project! (I hope you're reading this Wellington.....I'm sure you'll hear about it).

Anonymous said...

"Ripe for the taking"? Very interesting concept, especially since it was Donald Manes who appointed Wellington Chen to Community Board #7. Years later, Claire Shulman was quoted in the NY Times stating that Manes went to Taiwan for investment $$$ for Flushing. That must have been one of the first junkets arranged for the local pigs, political or otherwise. Wellington is always arranging trips for his "friends"....

Anonymous said...

Wellington's father, a sea captain, went down with the ship? Gave his life preserver away? Sounds kind of dramatic to me.

Anonymous said...

The little "Duke of Wellington"....h-m-m-m!
Is that how the little Chen boy envisions himself?

Anonymous said...

Where does Eddie Chan figure into the Manes, Chen Huang, Colleta, Herce, Shulman, Olin, Stavisky etc. cast in this peculiar play?

Anyone ever heard of him?

Anonymous said...

We've been told there's an architectural model in (Chen's boys) TDC's ?? office of what Flushing is supposed to look like after they're finished screwing it up!

Has anyone else seen it? It looks like an overcrowded Hong Kong or Shanghai!

Anonymous said...

Didn't some prominent community leaders come back from one of those Taiwan junkets with expensive Mink coats?

Were they gifts?

If so, for what purpose?


Anonymous said...

Didn't Chen buy his Little Neck home through a foreclosure proceeding?

Anybody out there know his address?

Don't bother....we'll look it up in te city records!

Anonymous said...

Wellington seems to be VERY close to Myra Herce. They always praise each other efforts on improving Flushing. She was the chair of CB#7 during the Manes era. She is a do nothing slob.

Eddie Chan, now there's a name I haven't heard of in years. Did the feds ever find him?

Wellington has a brother who worked for the EDC(?). His name is Joseph Chan - maybe a relation to Eddie?

Anonymous said...

Wellington Chen has been more destructive to Flushing than some of the developers, including Tommy Huang. While the likes of Huang are arrogant and will blatantly break the law, Chen is cunning, crafty, deceitful and manipulative.

Claiming to have his fingers on the pulse of the Asian (Taiwanese) Community, he has gotten himself appointed to some prominent Boards, including CUNY where he sits with his long time friend, Jeff Wisenfeld.

Wellington has been politically active since the days when Donald Manes appointed him to Community Board #7. He gets his friends to contribute large amounts of money to the appropriate candidate. Usually where TDC, Fultonex, F & T or E888 Online are listed as employers. Yet, you will never see his name listed among contributors or as an intermediary. Why the secrecy?

Claiming to be trained or educated as an Architect, his name does not appear in the AIA directory or in the NY State records. Has he ever designed a building? Is he in fact, an Architect? Why the mystery?

Everyone who has posted comments about the Times Ledger article seem to know a lot more information about this person than any reporter. From what I read here, he is a suspicious character, to say the very least. One has to question why this individual is considered a “respected” leader of this community by so many?

There’s no question that he is a well-known figure in Flushing and the Asian community. Is that because people respect him? Or do they fear him?

Anonymous said...

Could Chen be a "commanding general" of the various Tongs? Or an intermediary?

He's always so fond of using military annalogies!

By the's one for conspiracy theories.....did Manes really kill himself or was he murdered and by whom????????

We've talked with some law enforcement forensic experts.....and they conclude (off the record) that Manes' method of suicide would be damned near impossible! Food for thought eh!

Anonymous said...

Bitterman and Chen seem to always be close "buddies" also!

What's the story there?

Anonymous said...

I hope your ears are burning with all this chatter, Wellington!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there some money leftover when the Downtown Flushing Development Corp. dissolved years back?

Was it accounted for?

The DFDC was set up under Manes , I believe. Wasn't Myra Baird Herce, Tommy Huang etc. on its board?

Huang was on CB#7!

Anonymous said...

CB#7 needs a good enema. Starting with the District Manager. Hey, a BM for the DM!