Saturday, March 17, 2007

More Parks Ineptitude

Now the Parks Department is in the business of destroying trees in Queens:

Historic Grove Threatened By Contractor: Residents
Great job, again, Dottie. The Feds aren't any better:

Charles Park Field Worries Loom As Seasons

Photo from Queens Chronicle


georgetheatheist said...

It is now time to form a posse of citizens and arrest Dorothy Lewandowski.

Anonymous said...

A moron is as a moron does!

She now knows "intentions". She now has the scientific expertise to confidently assert that the damage was minimal.

This from someone whose job is at the expense of a minority Parks Employee who was never given any opportunity to even apply for the job! That minority person may have had the intelligence and expertise to arrange for zero possibility of damage to those trees.

What are Lewandowski's qualifications apart from ...?