Friday, March 23, 2007

CB 8 & CB 12 torpedo Jamaica rezoning plan

"I can't fathom where, outside of eminent domain, you're going to get the land to build a school, a firehouse, a water testing station if the plan were to be approved since it lacks plans for all of the above facilities," Haken said.

Unanimous CB 8 nixes Jamaica rezoning plan

According to a handout prepared by the Jamaica Estates Association, City Planning is forecasting 1,016 new school-age residents and added that the 2005-09 Department of Education Capital Plan called for 2,350 new school seats, but neighbors countered with the argument that if 38,000 new people moved to the area and a quarter of them are children, the total demand will be more than 9,000.

The Queens Civic Congress backs CB 12's plans for Jamaica. Yes, CB 12 came up with their own rezoning proposal. Pretty smart thinking on their part.

Photo from NYC Dept of City Planning


Anonymous said...

How does City Planning calculate the number of school-age children in a "Sanctuary City"?

Does City Planning now check birth records in all the foreign countries whose citizens are departing for illegal residency in New York City?

Exactly what crystal ball does the city use to make such an imbecilic forecast?

Oh, no! This forecast is just another opportunity to boost developers, increase corruption, and destroy a way of life here in New York!

KRM said...

Lou Dobbs for President! ..... lol

Anonymous said...

Change of venue: move the proceedings to CB 1.

It will be a shoe-in!

Anonymous said...


The Jamaica rezoning proposal, which would allow developers to build as many as 10,000 new housing units in and around downtown Jamaica, would affect Queens residents as far away as Jackson Heights.

Jamaica residents are at risk of seeing their low density, low rise residential neighborhoods
swamped with out of context new housing construction.

And of course, there are no plans or money to meet the demand for more school seats,parks, sanitation trucks, cops, sewers or any other public services.