Monday, March 19, 2007

More people, less services

The Queens Library makes a plea to bring back Saturday hours for the 2.2 million residents of the borough:

Give us Saturdays back, library asks

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Anonymous said...

and the Executive Director of the Queens Library Foundation is Diana Chapin, late of the Parks Dept & DOB and soon to be Bloomie's newest Landmarks Commissioner. So, given the track record of her 20 years in Parks and now at the library, how effective do you think she's going to be in getting Landmarks to pay attention to Queens?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, maybe, libraries will become a thing of the past....a pity. Most people are using computer on line services for research and reading.

The effected groups for lack of adequate library services are surely those of poor financial means who can't afford expensive computers or services.

I still love holding a book in my hands and thumbing through its pages for immediate access to information or chapters! They're not as heavy as laptops and need no batteries!

Lack of libraries and services are yet another symptom of overdevelopment.....where infrastructure has not kept pace with ill conceived planning!

Anonymous said...

As I suspected with that group limiting their attack on the just commissioners, a new set of faces will be heralded as half a victory.

And if they go easy on the West Side and Brooklyn Heights, well, everything will be just fine.

No? Not to worry.

Don't forget the outer borough can rely upon those pillars of stout souls behind the Four Borough Alliance, the Queens History Alliance and the Queensboro Preservation League

Anonymous said...

Libraries are still in heavy demand. But, since development gets top priority, these quality of life issues like libraries and schools and hospitals, well, they get what is left over.

Remember, like the sad state of Flushing Meadows, if our official policy is to attract people to Queens who don't, or can't vote, and who don't or can't complain, then, like in any third world country, things are perfect for a tiny elite to stay in control.