Wednesday, March 28, 2007

These are NOT new buildings

73-41 to 73-47 53rd Avenue, Maspeth. These were formerly small one family houses like the ones next to them further down the street, built in 1935.
What am I saying, these are still small one family houses. They've just had some minor alterations. No, these definitely aren't new buildings.
Believe me now? Told you these are alterations. I repeat, these are NOT new buildings.


verdi said...

Butt ugly alterations on steroids!

Another block destroyed forever!

Anonymous said...

I like how every door is different. With the hanging junkyards, a touch of grafitti, and whoompa, welcome to Queens.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how they got away with this. That block has been devastated.

Anonymous said...

Is this in Gallagher's district? Figures.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does Gallagher care. He's got no class. Doesn't he live in a basement?