Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sanford Avenue Bomb Shelter

"I can only suppose this is a bomb shelter being built on Sanford between 162nd and 163rd. After all there's only one window in front, or is that going to be a door? The south side of the building, which faces adjacent krapp, has multiple windows. Contrast to the early 20th century styling at right. How 8 decades ago.

This building replaced a regular 2 family that was used as a Buddhist temple and also had its windows blocked off." - K.W.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this structure is going to be used as a half-way house for the temporary storage of smuggled human cargo. Then the illegal aliens will probably be transported to their future "jobs" as sex slaves in whore houses to work off the $60,000 plus (per each single person) smuggling fees to be paid off to the "snake heads"!

The FBI has already closed down at least 2 similar brothel transport operations south of Northern Blvd. in the past couple of years.

One was at the Rennaisance Cafe, located on 154th Street and the other further up in a private home.

They both happen to be Asian.

Anonymous said...

The Air Force should drop a bunker-buster to take out this enemy piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep up the refrain - I don't get tired and its so much fun:

Where are the newspapers? (writing developer puff pieces)

Where are the politicians? (going off on junkets)

If you know of a place like this send a clipping and info to ol Crappie.

Believe me, just posting this stuff makes you feel good. Try it!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't have enough memory in my camera to document all the crap I see in my area of Flushing.

Anonymous said...

They (mostly Moonies)claim them as places of worship or ministries. Just need to have a ceremony once a month to beat the law.
They also beat all sorts of tax that way too ask any real estate agent !!