Monday, March 12, 2007

Your tax dollars at work, continued

The council will finally tackle the most pressing safety issue in the city this week:

On Deck: A Bill To Take Metal Bats Out of Games

The minority leader, who often carries a baseball bat around City Hall because he says it helps him think, first introduced the bill in 2001.

Photo from NYC Council


Anonymous said...

City Council is well on the way to making themselves irrelevant.

They totally ignore the real needs of their constituents (quality of life) as they fulfill campaign promises (to developers.)

A lapdog press coupled with the machine insure they get reelected no matter how the fulfill the obligations of office.

So we get silly legislation passed on street signs and other pressing matters.

Maybe the NYT or Village Voice will cover it.

Anonymous said...

This makes my sicilian blood boil!

Anonymous said...

Several hundred thousand dollars to introduce worthless legislation....

Who is going to enforce this... the "bat police"?

Anonymous said...

He's got bats in his "attic"!

Anonymous said...

Oh! No! It just couldn't be! I just won't believe that this is a money grubbing opportunity for the Odious Oddo to try reaching out for some cash from the metal Bat manufacturer, Easton.

What's that all about, Oddo? Your developer pals' money drying up as your term dries up?

Anonymous said...

When bats are outlawed only outlaws (and city councilmen) will carry bats!
Sounds like another useless intrusion of government to me.


Anonymous said...

Hands down, Jim Oddo is one of the best members in the city council. Leave the guy alone, he has a good idea to ban metal bats. Wood is good.