Monday, March 12, 2007

A Walk Through the Meadows, part 1

Helen looked in the water hoping to see her reflection, and what looked back at her was this lame duck:Helen Marshall quote from NY Daily News, August 26, 2005

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Anonymous said...

Oh thank-you Queenscrapper for highlighting one of Queen's 2nd biggest problems, polluted waterways. Of course, construction firms have long been tied in to dumping their share of pollutants in the quest to build ever bigger and cheaper dwellings throughout the borough.


Anonymous said...

Hellen doesn't even know the "fountain's" proper name.

I'll bet she's on first name basis with all the borough's builders! Joe (Mattone), Joshua (Muss), Dominic (Ciampa) etc.

What the hell has she been busy doing except playing "footsy" with developers!

At least we now know the location of Queens' biggest toilets! FLUSHing Meadows!

Anonymous said...

While it's extremely possible that this woman does not know the proper name for this fountain, it could've also been her way of showing that because of the state it's in, too many people don't (or can't) know what it's supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, Green Party city council candidate Paul Graziano proposed restoring the Flushing River and Kissena Creek to the map. He won nearly 10% of the vote. Not bad for a third-party candidate.

It is sad how in the past century, the once-mighty Flushing River was separated into two parts, connected by a sewer, with this ugly "fountain of the something" in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Wow - very sad. I remember vividly the way the fountain looked during the Fair. People everywhere because the Bell System, IBM and GE pavillions were clustered around the fountains. At night, fireworks. To see it become a dismal garbage dump is depressing indeed.

Anonymous said...

And, after Helen finished her "tour", she set out to correct the problem by doing _________?

Oh, nothing. Probably phoned a developer to demand an increase in the payment!

Anonymous said...

Borough President Helen Marshall is a complete ditz, she is dumber than a door knob. It just goes to show you how gullible the electorate is in Queens County. Thankfully borough presidents don’t wield much power so there is little harm they can do except look foolish. Marshall makes Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz look like a Rhodes Scholar.

georgetheatheist said...

Helen "Ah-hum-una, ah-hum-una, ah-hum-una" Marshall

koolsteeve said...

Yeah, I grew up in Queens and we always used to call it "Flushing Toilet". This Queens Crap blog is aptly named.