Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Walk Through the Meadows, part 3

Adrian Benepe quote and canoe photo from NY Times.

The Park Watchdog socked it to 'em in this release: Response by the Flushing Meadows - Corona Park World’s Fair Association to Attack by the New York City Commissioner of Parks & Recreation, Adrian Benepe

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Patty said...

It's so sad that this is the condition that our "central park" is allowed to linger in. These politicians and commissioners have no shame.

Anonymous said...

A place that rose from the ashes looks as though it being converted back into a heap of junk.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that 2 world's fairs were held disgraceful.

Joey said...

I agree with the duck.

Anonymous said...

The only weapons of mass destruction located in the park are the commissioners and pseudo-commissioners who neglect it.

george the atheist said...

Hey Benepe..haven't you ever heard of Nair?

World's Bad Fair Day said...

These "wonderful" scenes are brought to by the three stooges of the NYC Department of Parks: Adrian Benepe, Estelle Cooper and Dorothy Lewandowski.

Anonymous said...


The operator of the roller rink at the NYSP in the 1970's was really beaten up with a bat, and his dog was not hung over a bridge but thrown in the lake with a cinder block around his neck.

This was done by the hoods from Corona then, not a union connection as stated.

Anonymous said...

>>This was done by the hoods from Corona<<

Haa Haaa - - well yes most the "boyscouts" with hands in FMCP lived in Corona.
.. very well at the time may I add.

george the atheist said...

How 'bout renaming the park to something more appropriate?...hhhmmmnn, let's see...The Corona Dumps?