Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Developing Queens

Thought you might like to take a look at the Queens Tribune's collection of 2006 developer press releases, packaged as a "special issue":

Developing Queens

“Even if things were to slow up, and I’m not saying that they will, there’s now a foot print in Queens and that will continue,” Muss said.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Muss, there is a footprint, and that is of ol' Crappie squarely in the ass of every jerk that wants to milk the Queens cow.

This blog is rewriting the rules one word at a time.

Good luck bloggers and keep on posting!

Anonymous said...

Typical irresponsible news coverage that simply shows the leadership of Queens has no interest in the welfare of the people that live here.

Nothing about the infrastructure costs, or how the public is being forced to pay for the developers (read campaign contributors) money making schemes.

I see the Citicorp and see a community destroyed and displaced.

I see Suna's Silvercup, and I see the people of the community excluded from the building and their waterfront.

The people of Queens are getting fed up. Someday this will be an artifact of a smug self confident leadership that is writing its own obituary.

george the atheist said...

Long Live the Crapper!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - squarely on the arses of Muss and his ilk!

Anonymous said...

Julia Harrison took money from Muss (and Tommmy Huang)!

Anonymous said...

Huang gave cash money to every politician, Harrison was just honest (or stupid) enough to report it.