Thursday, March 29, 2007

Think your City Council member is worth $1M?

Frank Lombardi of the Daily News sounds like a guy after my own heart. Here's The first line of his article in today's paper:

Street namings and resolutions don't come cheap.

Here's what he's talking about:

For the first time, the cost of running the City Council will average $1 million per member.

Under a new budget approved yesterday, the Council will spend $54.6 million on itself in 2007-08 - a 7.5% increase over the last budget.

That works out to an average $1,070,754 for each of its 51 members.

Think your City Council member is worth $1M?

Hell no!


Anonymous said...

Tony Avella, my councilmember, does more than a million dollars worth of work. He's worth it because he's shown that he cares about real community issues.

A slug-a-bug like John Liu ain't worth a dime!

If Johnny were appearing on a vaudeville stage on amateur night, he'd already have been given "the hook"!

The Dirty 30 said...

Just think of what you can do with a million dollars as our councilman did. You can hire strippers and swingers to work in your office and you can even use your office to get serviced by that staff. Taxpayer bucks for action. What a marvelous city!!!

Gabe said...

Are you serious, Dirty 30? Man, I am going to run for council!

Anthony said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Is CM Katz the "girl" that provides the "lap dances" for the builders? Or is she just into "canoodling" with Hevesi and the likes?

Anonymous said...

Right on Dirty 30, You can do a lot of service for $1M. I've heard the same sorted stories. Be aware that you can't spit in this town without hitting a woman with one more deviant Dirty 30 story? Believe it or not, CM Dirty is actually promoting family values at his meetings. Wonderful stuff that will be very entertaining when revealed.

Let's recap: we have sex, drugs, and rocks & rolls of cash. Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Where's the Camera Eric? said...

I wouldn't give them a dime. Especially council losers John Lui and Eric Gioia, the two worst things to happen to Queens since Donald Manes. They are just highly paid publicity hounds. They do nothing except look for cameras and put out meaningless self-promoting press releases complaining about this, that, and the other thing.
I nominate the sleezy pair for Kings of Queens Crap.