Friday, March 16, 2007

A Walk Through the Meadows, part 5

Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the conclusion of our walking tour. Notice how the city neglects Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, showing its contempt for the working class people of Queens. The Bloomberg administration wouldn't even think of allowing Central or Prospect Parks to sit in such a disgraceful state of disrepair. Because neither of those parks are located in the borough of Queens...the dumping ground of NYC since 1898!

Crappy says, "Someone please help my friends!"

Heads of State monument photo from The Park Watchdog.

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Bette said...

What a dump.

Katie said...

Why aren't our elected officials demanding that this park be fixed up? You want to talk blight...forget about the iron triangle...people don't go there to relax! How dare the mayor come to flushing meadows to give his 2030 speech yet not pledge to fix the park up? When the ass runs for president, I hope his opponents use the condition of this park to show what he'd do to the rest of the country if he were elected!

Anonymous said...

Crappy, don't'll rust and look like the rest of the statues in the park.

Anonymous said...

Look at the mosaics! That's how the city restores them. You know they recently restored some Terra Cotta tiles in Central Park in a dark place that no one even goes to. Yet these mosaics in FM are allowed to deteriorate and the Parks Department makes it worse by just slapping some cement on them. This is disturbing to me and typical of the way the city handles things here in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Could you imagine a monument with a chunk taken out of it sitting in the middle of Central Park? It would never fly. But in Flushing, anything goes.

Anonymous said...

I commend this site for bringing attention to the conditions that exist at what could be a fantastic recreational space. This is outrageous and a citywide disgrace.

george the atheist said...

I have driven 2x to Mexico, in and around that country...I can say without hesitation, that Flushing Meadows/Corona Park has infrastructure suitable to a 3rd world country...Mexico and FM is rampant with dilapidation - no one maintains anything...Lewandowski - what's her salary?...Cooper -what's her salary?...Benepe -what's his salary?...Look at these pictures, goddamit!...What do you 3 assholes do all day long? Just what? Besides getting "awards" at ass-kissing dinners?

In the year 2011 said...

A look into the future... 2011.

If there is a god, this is what should happen to the people responsible for the condition of Flushing Meadow Park.

On Rikers Island (new residents list):
inmate Mike Bloomberg,
inmate Adrian Benepe,
inmate Dorothy Lewandowski (she is mistakenly put in the men's wing of Rikers).

Helen Marshall did not qualify for jail since she could not be held responsible for any of her crimes since she never did comprehend the nature of her actions while serving as BP for 8 years.

Estelle Cooper, committed to a state institution for dementia in 2007, is found to be a large hand puppet and put in the Parks Department Museum.

the friendly giver said...

They ought to tie Estelle Cooper up to the top of the NYS Pavillion and use her as an airplane warning light.

george the atheist said...

BTW, I want to again congratulate the Queenscrap blogsite for the excellent quality of photography especially in these latest park series photos! (Pulitzer prize candidate perhaps?...Where was Schneps at the Courier besides probably getting her nails filed in some "exotic" locale Or Schenkler at the Tribune who's probably salivating over his classified whore ads?)

Anonymous said...

Look, what do you expect when the politicians run unopposed, the newspapers squeal with delight everytime they show up and the people not only do not demand anything better, but stand around waiting to be told what God to worship? Just look at the way those folks at Sunnyside Gardens are being manipulated by the politicians. Shameful.

Folks, this is not just Flushing Meadows, but the entire borough of Queens.

The borough is not being maintained and has become the butt of every outer borough joke.

And it is getting worse every year (but that is ok, because if you don't like it, you can move and let someone else more desperate than you take your place - and as long as they vote the 'right' way (or better yet can't vote) who cares?)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know how the park attendants feel about going to work in a pig sty every day.

Committee To Save Flushing Meadows said...

The team of Adrian Benepe – better known as "Ineptepe" – & Dorothy – the robot – Lewandowski along with Estelle – the Figure Head – Cooper MUST be held accountable for the horrendous conditions in Flushing Meadow Park. We in Queens should schedule massive protests in front of Ineptebe's office to give this jerk no peace. People in Queens should also remember Lewandowski for selling us out to these Manhattan snobs.

hooper said...

While the neglect of FM is nothing new, I am shocked how much WORSE it has gotten recently. I photographed the site on a Forgotten-NY tour in Feb 2005 and the mosiacs were not desecrated and patched with cement. The statues were not rusted and grafitti covered. This is a complete f'ing disgrace. Heads need to roll at the parks department.

Lisa said...

Please don't make Crappy cry!!

He's so cute and I can't bear to see him upset. Clean this place up!!! Lets make Crappy happy!!

Trixie said...

Hooper, you write so well. Did you see my ad in the Queens Tribune? I would like to talk to you about writing some copy for it. Are you interested?

This is my favorite blog. For some reason it feels good to be here.

george the atheist said...

Trixie, I can't find your ad in the classifieds in the Tribune...but Gabrielle,Stormy, Lisa, and Pretty Asiann are listed...and did you know folks there's an ad for a Gallagher's at 43-19 37th Street in LIC?

KRM said...

Thank you crappy, Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

You need to figure out a way to pay for this stuff privately. That's how Prospect and Central Parks do it. The city doesn't pay for it. It's all about the Prospect Park Alliance and the Central Park Conservancy. Stop bitching and moaning and put it together. That's how you fix your park.

Queens Crapper said...

There already is a Flushing Meadows Park Conservancy and a number of other organizations dedicated to fundraising for the park.

hooper said...


Sorry I haven't seen your ad, I only use the tribune for sanitary purposes (that means to wipe my ass). Don't take it personally.