Friday, March 16, 2007

Jamaica eminent domain

The Queens Courier reports that the plan to take property in Jamaica is not a done deal:

Residents consider legal action in Jamaica redevelopment

“Now, it seems that you’re taking the land from the people that they have invested in for 40 or 50 years. The Board has difficulty with this.”

“We will not go down without protecting the residents of this area.”

Go, Gloria!

Here's another article about the situation:

City may seize property for Jamaica redesign

Great website, by the way:

Community Board 12 Queens

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, there's also outrage over eminent domain for the expansion of a bus depot:

Biz owners blast plan to expand depot

Photo from Gothamist

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george the atheist said...

Gloria...were the owners of the strip joints on 94th Avenue in attendance? - Europa Bar on the corner of 94th & Sutphin (directly across from Air Train) AND Club Kalua, 94th & Liverpool (where Bell got shot)?