Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Construction expands at NY Times

"I found an interesting article in the Queens Tribune this weekend about the Economic Development Corporation and CB7:

CB’s Frustration With EDC Grows

The construction is continuing and the noise is really have an impact on me. There are 2 pile drivers and they are working on my side of the building. This is interesting because the plans shown at the community board meeting did not seem this extensive!
Also, the task force was told by a Times representative that fill would not be placed on the west side of the property (near the wetlands) and all fill would be covered. What does this look like to you?

Just got back a little while ago from the monthly CB#7 meeting. Not much to report except Doctoroff is guaranteeing the Linden Place extension all the way to 20th Ave instead of 23 Ave. They never sent the board the info that was requested on 2/22." - Alan


Anonymous said...

Please write about the Queens Hospital Center- which is building a parking lot across the street, in Kissena Corridor Park. Who approved this environmentally-unfriendly deal?

Queens Crapper said...

Queens Hospital Center is nowhere near Kissena Park. Perhaps you mean NY Hospital?