Friday, September 4, 2015

Weeping Beech Park now homeless free

From the Times Ledger:

Elderly residents are frequenting Weeping Beech Park in Flushing again after the nearby Bowne House expressed concerns about homeless people living in the park as well as criminal activities.

An officer on the board of directors of the Bowne House Historical Society had called on the city Parks Department and other city agencies to address the homeless encampment and the drinking and drug activities that have been taking place in the park, located at 143-20 37th Ave., throughout the last year.

The officer said she has not seen homeless people in the park and credited the Parks Department with cleaning up the grounds.

But she said that the park still has an unpleasant odor. She also said that there is still a drinking problem during the daytime, although the problem has somewhat lessened with the gates being locked at 9 p.m.

When a reporter visited the park last week, there were about 31 people in the park, mostly elderly individuals sitting on benches chatting and a group of Asian men playing chess. There were three individuals who appeared to be mentally ill.


Anonymous said...

The illegal immigrants ie day laborers are urinating and defecating outside. In Bengla Desh and China shrubbery and trees means toilet.

Get a whiff of that vibrant diversity.

Anonymous said...

Could I please point out that this photo shows Margaret Carman Green, not Weeping Beech Park.

Queens Crapper said...

Margaret Carman Green is part of Weeping Beech Park.

Anonymous said...

True. The historical marker just out side Margaret Carman Green indicates it to be so.
Maybe there needs to be a new marker that agrees with the NYC Parks Dept. designation that it is part of Weeping Beech Park.

Anonymous said...

>drinking problem during the daytime
>lessened since they started locking up the park at 9PM

These aren't the brightest people in the world, are they...