Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bill de Blasio is a developer's best friend

Atlantic Yards Report hit the nail on the head when it excerpted this passage from a recent Vanity Fair article about Bill de Blasio:
Love him or hate him, the smart money in New York City says that de Blasio is virtually ensured a second term. “What Manhattanites in the ‘Bloomberg Bubble’ don’t understand,” says the organization head who deals regularly with the mayor’s office, “is that many people in the outer boroughs love him as much as Manhattanites hate him. But even more important is that the city’s builders love him, and they have always elected the mayor in New York City, by funneling more money than anyone else to their chosen candidate. Why do they love de Blasio? Because he doesn’t give a damn about urban planning, density, or architecture. He only cares about more affordable housing. For the builders that means they get to build an extra 20 floors and do it with fewer restrictions.”
Norman Oder then goes on to say: "I don't disagree. If only Burrough had actually delved into de Blasio's willingness to champion unaffordable affordable housing."

Personally, I don't see where people in the outer boroughs love him more than hate him. He's managed to piss off just about every segment of his base in the short time he's been in office. And he can't take criticism.


(sarc) said...

Every nation gets the government it deserves - Joseph de Maistre

Don't worry - will become Detroit...

Middle Villager said...

How appropriate that the VF article quotes a top dumBlasio deputy as saying “It is the petri dish,” she concludes, “where people can get shit done.”. What the Mayor is doing is shitting all over NYC. Where is the logic in building big box housing to the point where Manhattan (and the outer boroughs) sinks? We encourage more and more people to live here but to what end? The infrastructure is decrepit, people live like animals in cages and there is no end in sight. There is no longer any manufacturing and many white collar jobs can be done via computer so there is really no point in jamming people into a concentrated space. In the past people moved to cities to make a better living but those jobs do not exist here anymore, we have all the baristas we need. Immigration needs to be controlled so a country can get people when the economy requires it. As of right now the US, and certainly NYC, does not need more people. All we are becoming is a bunch of rats fighting for the same piece of cheese. When you grow something in a petri dish you never know the outcome, this experiment could go very wrong.

Anonymous said...

No one in the outer boroughs love him.

But big money loves him, and the party bosses love him, and that's all you need most of the time.

The media hates him, though, so it's not all a bad of roses for him.

Anonymous said...

He's ensured a second term because, like Bloomberg, the opposition will be even worse that what we already have. Additionally, like Bloomberg, find me one person that will admit to voting for this putz, or liking him now that he's in office and allowing his family to use our city as their personal bong.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Fugazio will get a second term, then Mrs. Fugazio two more terms.

Anonymous said...


Government Employees Outnumber Manufacturing Employees 1.8 to 1

imagine that-

"There were more Americans employed in manufacturing in 1941 in the months leading up to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor than are employed in manufacturing in the United States today, according to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics"

and we have ~2-1/2 times more people now

thank goodness for China!

Anonymous said...

DiDumDum sucks for SOOOO many reasons. He is only interested in his black, thug, and illegal constituents. He is not smart enough to show any nuance, everything is a howitzer vs. a scalpel. He wastes his time running after minutiae like carriage horses while really serious problems persist untouched. He wants to transform NYC into a filthy dump for the above constituents. Please, please just go away.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of a mayorship! Whoever voted for this idiot should just slit their wrists or hang themselves!

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Developers love the mayor because he is toothless.

Anonymous said...

De Blah-Blah has already offended his "Black" power base.
The other four boroughs, outside of the Manhattan bubble, are not kneeling to kiss his ring.
Kaiser Wilhelm fugazio's mental illness must be getting worse.
Time for a change in meds, without side affects that cause chronic tardiness.

Anonymous said...

True about an opposition candidate.
If whoever is running against big Bill is a jerk was, then he will be in for a second term.
Remember this...people were voting against the brash loudmouth, hissy fit throwing Cristine Quinn , not for Bill.
That is how Der Wilhelm got the job.

NYC News & Analysis said...

Even before the general election in 2013, de Blasio was already selling out to real estate developers. Look at all the questions raised about de Blasio on the Atlantic Yards Report blog. And as I pointed out, during the 2013 campaign, de Blasio was accepting campaign help (personal volunteer time and donation bundling) from James Capalino, one of the ruthless real estate lobbyists hired by William Rudin to get City Council/ULURP approval for the $1 billion luxury condominium and townhouse conversion of St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan. There was de Blasio setting himself up as a champion to fight hospital closings, like at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, but there was de Blasio taking money from a hospital-closing real estate lobbyist. Very duplicitous. When I mentioned this to some activists back in 2013, they all gave it a pass, because apparently there were actually some anti-Quinn activists secretly in bed with the de Blasio camp.

All of the problems you see today -- from complaints about the Marine Transfer Station in the Upper East Side, to the non-stop noisy helicopter tours over Battery Park City, to complaints that de Blasio isn't doing enough to provide shelter, healthcare, and social services to the homeless, to the nightmare conditions and, now, privatization, being endured by NYCHA tenants, to other reforms that activists had demanded from the Bloomberg-Quinn administration but never got -- are because that spike in activism that was actually putting pressure on Bloomberg-Quinn in the final year just disappeared once de Blasio got into office. With the exception of one very small pocket of police reform activists, all those advocates for government reform and change just rolled over for de Blasio. The reason de Blasio doesn't believe he has to account to the voters is because nobody is holding his feet to the coals.

What is true is that the big business community is out to get de Blasio. What is also true is that the media is growing sick and tired of de Blasio's bullshit, too. But if only the activists just did what they are meant to do, it would force de Blasio to enact the reforms and bring about the changes we all wanted. In essence, if de Blasio just fucking did his job, we -- nor he -- would be in the mess in which we find ourselves. This points to a huge problem in New York City. Do all the activists here come with on and off switches that de Blasio and his people can flip at their will ? Pressure politics activism is not pretty ; rather, it is harsh work. Everybody keeps saying we can't rock the boat, because we might get a slimy Scott Stringer or an Evil Moskowitz elected in de Blasio's place. Why are we so scared ? It should be de Blasio, who should be scared of being fired by the voters from his job as mayor, precisely because he is giving all of New York City short shrift.

So many of us wanted to vote Christine Quinn out of office, because she would have been a horror for New York City. Instead, look at what we got. At the end of the day, all these politicians are corrupt. It doesn't matter who wins. What matters is that the Democratic political machine keeps giving us duds, who are pre-approved by real estate developers. It's our job to keep voting these machine bots out of office, until the party bosses gives us somebody, who is real. Or until somebody real comes up from the community, somebody who will not exploit the language of reform just to get elected, somebody who can honestly say, "I won't play by the party boss and the big campaign donor rules." Until that day comes, all we can do is to keep voting the duds out of office.

JQ said...

I think the most amazing thing is, when I introduce him to people, I’d say almost 90 percent of the time I get a phone call or an e-mail the next day saying, ‘Wow, I can’t believe how smart he is,’ ” says Glen. “No, it’s true. I think there’s some weird perception out there that he’s not very smart.”

"Building rental housing? If that makes you a crazy lefty, I don’t know what’s going on in the world…. That’s a sad statement about how far to the right and crazy the country has gotten."

"Being progressive in a municipal sense is investing in the people that make cities great,” Glen says. “We try to use cities to raise people up, right? That’s the history of cities. Why do people go to Rome instead of staying on their chicken farm in the middle of God knows where? Because cities are where opportunity and innovation happen.” Thus a city, she argues, is the perfect place for a crusade like de Blasio’s. “It is the petri dish,” she concludes, “where people can get shit done.”

This douchehag Glen is the catalyst for all this lunatic development. It's not shocking that she previously worked for the Global Vampire Squid investment firm Goldman Sachs, this corporation has now dectupled it's worth since the great socialist bailout of the banks in the past 8 years under the supposed liberal hand of Obama. It's only natural that developers and real estate magnates are tolerant of our duplicitous listless incompetent mayor and his trite concessions to all races of the middle class and working poor, and know damn well that his toothless 10 year plan will never come to fruition. Despite yearly increases of a few cents in the minimum wage no one can possibly move into these new towers or even live in the city in the near future at all because of the AMI (area medium income) qualifications, which will be even higher if poorer neighborhoods will be gentrified from the glass tumors that will sprout in east new york, sunset park,crown heights, or even if they set their sites in flagrantly neglected areas in Staten Island or Southeast Queens.

This awful woman's ,who should resign for these comments are as crass as any stereotypical comment on race or the handicapped, petri dish analogy is a just a little apt, meaning the shit part. I think the more appropriate one is when some stupid kid decides to mix acids with bases. Because of the rapidity of the construction going on in total disregard of the gross lack of infrastructure improvements and the growing population and tourist influx, shit is going to explode and collapse. And does this witch knows that most of Rome's attractions are the ruins of opulence.

As for Mayor Big Slow/Pussy/Fucking Liar, I have commented before here about what a ruse he's playing his former constituency that voted for him with his lofty words and ambitions, which I got from reading various prior articles from the website this post was culled from. This guy can't even get leverage on a governor who is super paranoid about his status after the arrests and indictments of his 2nd and 3rd in command in Albany (And this feud with Mario's Son is as bogus as Jon Stewart's with Seth Rollins). The information is out there people. Despite all the connections with the predator developers and hedge fund scum, we the people can still fire this guy in November and send him back to Brooklyn Goddamn.

If we are still able to afford to live here and claim residency in a district to...

Camel bladder said...

Hey middle villager,
You are touching on the final problem here. We keep building "affordable " housing and closing up our manufacturing base and then encouraging more and more of the dependent class to come here and suck at the public tit. The end result is known as DETROIT.