Thursday, September 24, 2015

Former mayoral hack's project has safety issues

As previously reported, a new hotel is being constructed in Fresh Meadows on 186th Street, much to the chagrin of the neighborhood. It seems they had a little accident at the site recently:
(Here are the rest of the complaints.)
Quite a few violations at this construction site. Not surprising considering that former Mayoral Community Affairs Unit representative George Frangoulis, pictured above, chatting with cops, is managing the project. He also represented Tommy Huang at one point.


Anonymous said...

As project manager of these major sites what credentials does one need in NYC. Is Mr. Frangoulis required to hold a NYC DOB license of some sort? For instance, Site Safety; General Contractor; Superintendent of Construction? I could not find Mr. Frangoulis listed on the DOB website as holding any particular license.

As far as his stint with the Huangs with respect to Tommy and Henry's 223rd Street Bayside Project:

“My title is project manager and I am trying to fix problems,” he said. (He didn't fix the problems obviously.) “There will only be one voice now and I am currently getting the feel of the neighborhood.” (Truth of the matter is Tommy and only Tommy calls the shots regarding his "dangerous and unsafe" projects.)

Frangoulis resigned from the Department of Citywide Services at the end of last year and is working on all of Huang’s projects including those in Flushing and Elmhurst.

He expects the houses on 223rd Street to be completed by June. (Never happened.) The new access road will be known as Mia Drive. “We want to make it nice,” Frangoulis added. (How exactly did the access road get the name Mia Drive. Until this day, no one knows. Not even NYC Planning. It seems Tommy gave the road that name.)

P.S.: The project still remains dormant. It is a serious Quality of Life issue for the neighbors and neighborhood. Rumor has it the Huangs will be back to finish the project after their "probation" is over.

Anonymous said...

Good work, Crappie! We wondered why the FDNY's fire hydrant was used to wash this down!! Thanks for the story!

Anonymous said...

Tommy boy the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving....politicos are hell bent to completely destroy Queens.

JQ said...

I commented in the last few days that there needs to be more police action to keep tabs on shady doings involving all this hyper-developement,and even though it's just standard procedure,it's good to see a couple of cops at the scene of the crime/accident. Also good is how the cops do not seem charmed or amused by that hack, who seems to me amused by the predicament. I guess it's comical when there are no casualties.

And why is there a hotel being built there anyway? What tourist attractions are there in Fresh Meadows?

Anonymous said...

The car pictured is my friend's car. It was totaled! Thank goodness for the stop work order...before something worse happened!

Anonymous said...


Exactly. Why a hotel?
Could it be for gambling, prostitution, temporary shelter for future "homeowners" (to be flown in) ?
Makes no sense.

JQ said...

Last anon

yes, prospects not attractions. And surely all those deceivers who are trying to emigrate to this country by claiming to flee spousal abuse and those trying to buy green cards for thousands of dollars.

surely not for the homeless crisis and the war of attrition that predator developers, property pimps, scumbag hedge funders and the huer landlords have laid upon the middle class and working poor.

Makes no sense at all

(sarc) said...


All that concrete washed down the sewer.

And Queens residents wonder why we have continuous sewage and flooding issues...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what date and time this happened?

Queens Crapper said...

Timestamp is in the second screenshot.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Yes, good old Frangoulis..
I had to deal with him with the RKO Keith's Flushing theater.
No further comment.

Anonymous said...

What is George Frangoulis's real relation with Mayflower? He claimed he was the CEO of Mayflower's Howard Johnson Hotel in LIC last year. CEO, really?

The real CEO of Mayflower is a Chinese man named XIAO ZHUANG GE.

Anonymous said...

Frangoulis appears to have strong ties to the Asian developers. Why is that? For a time, he had his own business fixing homeowners issues with the DOB!

Anonymous said...

"And why is there a hotel being built there anyway"

Thanks to Bloomberg and Obama spend $500K or more and these Asians can come over with the whole family, automatic green cards for all of them. These people with the same last names pool their money back home and come over as a family unit. Its become a huge underground business and the Chinese government feels "blessed" to get rid of these people. They can have lots of kids here, vote in local and school elections and drive. And worst of all they drive HORRIBLE, even turn down one way streets !! This happened to me in Bayside where an Asian woman turned off Northern almost hitting me head on. Then started screaming I WAS WRONG.

This is also going on in Little Neck and parts of Great Neck now where they build these HUGE houses they fit a dozen or "extended family" and pregnant females. You can see 8-12 bags of garbage on trash pickup morning and cesspool pump outs going on every month. Especially in Great Neck

Anonymous said...

It has to be called a hotel so many different family's of "Investors" can come over and jump to the front of the line.
I forgot the name of this program