Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stop posting illegal signs!

We were walking around Juniper Park in Middle Village yesterday (9/27/15) and noticed multiple postings of flyers on the lamp posts and utility poles. There were ones for puppy sales, free chinchillas, yard sales and OctoberFest.

They are littering (illegally by the way) with these postings. The attached was for an Octoberfest at a nearby Church. There were literally over 20 of these flyers posted around the park. We noticed a few concerned people taking some down, but shouldn’t the Parks Department be on top of this?

I understand the need to promote these type of events, but there are neighborhood community bulletin boards (Silverbarn, Artis Pharmacy, Met Foods). Why litter our neighborhoods, especially an event that’s 2 weeks away!

If people continue to post these flyers, our street lamp posts will look like the attached image!



Anonymous said...

These are illegal and ugly.

But I do wait until the yard sale is over and then rip them down. Once, I ripped down about ten for one yard sale and then left them on the doorstep of the address shown on the flyer when no one was around. Great way to let somebody know that, "Hey! I saw your signs - and I know where you live..."

For some apartments for rent, I ripped them down, called the number, asked the yawning person who answered if they posted the flyer. After they said yes I screamed at them saying it is illegal to post these things and that I had torn all of them down. Then I hung up. Good morning to you, poster pig!

For brick and mortar businesses, I would actually consider tearing them down and then going to the offending business location and throwing them in a big pile in the middle of the establishment while screaming about how the business violates the law and doesn't respect the neighborhood because it litters it with this garbage. I might also consider posting a negative review on line about the business because of how it advertises.

It would be nice if Sanitation (or Parks if it's inside a park) would remove these things and then levy fines but, sometimes a ranting lunatic calling you early in the morning, dropping your own signs at your own doorstep, or screaming in the middle of an offending business establishment can be a much more effective deterrent.

For all those illegal poster pigs out there, remember - POST AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Anonymous said...

I suggest Contacting Dorothy Barton 718-326-2318 at 3:00 Or 4:00 AM and letting her know how you feel about this.. She was kind enough to leave her number and her address is easily found on the web. (Pssst! it's 6337 72nd St Middle Village, NY)

Anonymous said...

Besides being illegal, the incoming rain will make these posters a mess. So why did they post them 2 weeks before the event? I hope they will send someone to remove them and post the flyers at legal bulletin boards.

Anonymous said...

both Sanitation and NYPD issue violations/summonses for "illegal posting of handbills" sadly, not only do those fines sit unpaid for years (there are some people with over $500K in violations for this) they only seem to issue them to the most egregious offenders with full knowledge they wont get paid.

Middle Villager said...

Flyers on lampposts are illegal. That being said I do not have a problem with a local church (that has been in MV for over 150 years) advertising an upcoming event as long as they take them down when the event is over.

Anonymous said...

Well I do. First it's "oh it's for a charity event" then "oh it's just for a yard sale"
then "it's just for a ...."

There are so many better ways to advertise these events these days than posting crap on lampposts. More people will see this on Facebook than at a park.

Anonymous said...

Anon #5 Not everyone kills time online like we do.

georgetheatheist said...

Schuhplattler? Now that's the ticket! I just go nuts for
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50 Pfennig and Fritz-Z said...

Achtung Jamaica and all of Queens.

This Saturday evening at the International Night Market right by the 103 precinct.

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Anonymous said...

If the signs were put up and taken down. I think it would not be so bad. But most people put up signs and it sits on the pole until it looks bad. I personally go around and rip the signs off and put them in the garbage. My husband gets his ladder and takes down the ones that are posted high on the poles. Now my neighbors beat us to it and take them down too.

Anonymous said...

I am fully against the posting of these signs, but would like to make a suggestion to future posters who insist on breaking the law. How about putting a date on the flyer stating that you will take them down on that date? This way, the neighborhood feels you are somewhat taking responsibility for them. Otherwise, I commend the previous couple who takes them down. I have also taken down many of these flyers at Juniper Park, especially the ones that are posted many times! Let's get more neighbors to do the same. Then maybe we'll see less because these people will know that their flyers will be taken down in a very short time.

Anonymous said...

Did John Liu ever have to pay his fines from illegally posted campaign flyers?

Anonymous said...

Call Dorothy!

Anonymous said...

As graffiti is now considered an art and posting a and add a need to grab some quick bucks the city should dedicate spaces for both.

For graffiti should build places where graffiters can express their ideas and for adds they should check some European and South American cities were there are add posting units placed here and there where they don't interfere with pedestrian traffic but where they can be seen, read and appreciated.

We pay taxes for clean up which brings more unskilled labor to the job market and freed the system from people collecting benefits, part of this workforce can be dedicated to clean up these posting on designated dates of the month.

People and/or companies posting in any other place, at least in high density areas where the dedicated posting units exist should be heavily fined.

Anonymous said...

The signs for the mosquito spraying are up on all the poles in Maspeth and Elmhurst and that was a couple days ago,can one agency fine another ha ha.
How about all those cars for cash signs that are plastered all over the place?They must have used a truck with a cherry picker to reach some of those places.They are reported but for some reason Sanitation won't go after them.There are cameras everywhere I can't believe no one noticed these activities in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

>Anonymous 50 Pfennig and Fritz-Z

The first time a post on here made me laugh out loud. Good job, anon.

Anonymous said...

We need more concerned citizens to take charge of their the neighborhood they live in. I walk around with scissors and razor blade in hand and remove postings every now and then. I don't care if it's for a lost puppy or for a tag sale or for a community all gets ripped down. The apathy in this city is incredible. People need to take charge of their neighborhood.